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Toshiba presents the first 128GB flash memory chip

Toshiba presents the first 128GB Flash memory chip – Macitynet.it

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Toshiba is the first manufacturer in the world to present a single 128GB NAND Flash memory chip intended for integration into smartphones, pocket multimedia players, digital video cameras, tablets and also for the construction of SSD units. Toshiba managed to create a single memory module that houses 16 64gigabit chips each (equal to 8GB), each made with a 32nanometer construction process.

The very small size of the new 128GB module from Toshiba, only 17x22x1.4 mm, and above all the contained thickness are the result of new technologies that allow the creation of extremely thin memory chips. In practice, the 128GB module is the result of the stratification of 16 8GB chips only 30 micrometers thick combined with a dedicated controller for management. Toshiba's next-generation NAND Flash memory modules will be available in samples starting in August for the 64GB version, while samples of the top 128GB model will arrive in September. For both models, the start of industrial production is scheduled for the last quarter of 2010.

The new Toshiba memory chip is one of those found in technology that can make fans of the Apple world and beyond dream. In the IT panorama Cupertino is undoubtedly one of the fastest manufacturers in adopting new solutions in terms of storing high-capacity data to create high-end consumer devices, in the past with hard drives and then with Flash memories. Apple is one of the largest buyers of Flash memory worldwide: the Flash orders issued by Cupertino are able to influence not only the prices but also the quantity (or the scarisit) of Flash memory available to other manufacturers. So why not dream of an iPhone, an iPod touch or even an iPad with 128GB of memory?

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