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Top 5 free apps for drawing and designing …

Top 5 free apps for drawing and designing ...

If you want to to draw or to design something on your Android smartphone or tablet, here are the best 5 free applications on the Play Store of Google to download and install on the device. Let's see all the details. Design Dimensions, T-shirt design – Snaptee, Patio Design Ideas, Interior Design and Studio Design.

1] Design Dimensions

It offers a large database visual of many objects with their corresponding dimensions. It offers an easy and extremely intuitive interface and you can navigate through hundreds of illustrated objects to find the exact information you are looking for. The database is continuously updated; the search function helps you find the desired object more quickly; each dimension is displayed in feet and inches but can also be converted to metric with a single click; each item is displayed with a drawing 3D in miniature and present an alphabetical list of the elements.

Manufacturer: Arc Mist LLC

Version: 2.8

Update date: 30/11/2014

Size: 5.11 MB

Price: Free

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Download link: Design Dimensions

2] T-shirt design – Snaptee

With this application you can make your own T-shirt personalized with a few touches using your own smartphone. It is possible to use all the tools available in an easy and fun way and sell your creations directly from the app. It offers impressive features such as integration with Instagram, the choice of color fonts, personalized filters and really cool design models to inspire your creativity. Once the work is done, all you have to do is share the design with your friends Social Network or invite them to follow you on Snaptee. For each shirt ordered, you can earn a 10% commission on the sale.

Manufacturer: Snaptee Limited

Version: 1.0.16

Update date: 29/08/2014

Size: 28.67 MB

Price: Free

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Link Download: T-shirt design – Snaptee

3] Patio Design Ideas

This application allows you to design your own home and apply i furnishings and the most suitable decorations for you. It is possible to save and to share any ideas and show the design galleries and decorations. It is possible to decorate as modern, simple, small and large; courtyard and fireplace; exterior and apartment; rock, stone, covered, brick and more. It is possible to get many ideas of decoration.

Manufacturer: Supreme Droids

Version: 2.1

Update date: 27/07/2014

Size: 4.88 MB

Price: Free

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Download Link: Patio Design Ideas

4] Interior Design

If you need a little inspiration for the decoration of your home, this app is for you. I'll tell you technical to be used to create a modern luxury bedroom or the lighting in the living room. You will find information about the bedroom and the decoration, the furniture of the room bedroom, create a personal space with small and modern details or find great design ideas for your children's room or for your little one. L'application it also includes several design ideas for flooring.

Manufacturer: Webdeveloerlv

Version: 1.7

Update date: 15/07/2014

Size: 2.14 MB

Price: Free

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Link Download: Interior Design

5] Studio Design

You will be able to create and share amazing designs with your friends and make it easy to give free rein to your creativity with over 500 forms and types of characters; powerful photo filters and many controls; easy export to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. or connect with friends and see their drawings.

Manufacturer: Overlay Studio Inc

Version: 1.5

Update date: 07/07/2014

Size: 10.77 MB

Price: Free

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Download Link: Studio Design

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