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Top 5 Best Selling Live Wallpaper Apps on …

Top 5 Best Selling Live Wallpaper Apps on ...

Today we will see the best 5 app best sellers of Animated wallpaper available on Play Store of Google. Let's see all the details. Beautiful Widgets Pro, Next Launcher 3D Shell, WeatherPro, Background animated Carpe Koi and MeteoEarth.

1] Beautiful Widgets Pro

This application allows you to customize the Home screen thanks to the many widget available and has a rich range of themes. It was the first application to get millions of download for a fee. It offers the main functions of watches complete with time, date, alarm, etc .; all widgets; the ability to download themes at will; essential weather information of the place where you are and all your favorite cities; weather news from anywhere with notifications, unlock animations or interactive screen servers and an interactive weather desktop background.

Version: 5.7.2

Update date: 25/08/2014

Size: 13.49 MB

Price: 2.39

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Download Link: Beautiful Widgets Pro

2] Next Launcher 3D Shell

This launcher allows you to replace the Home screen of Android to personalize your device with dynamic 3D effects.

Version: 3.18

Update date: 27/09/2014

Size: 12.99 MB

Price: 9.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: Next Launcher 3D Shell

3] WeatherPro

Offers some forecasts accurate and detailed of over 2 million places in the world. The forecasts are three-hourly for the next week and indicate the values โ€‹โ€‹of temperature, wind direction and speed, atmospheric pressure, precipitation quantity and relative probability and relative humidity; a graphical view of the forecasts for easy reading; worldwide warnings and alert levels of extreme weather conditions; global satellites and animated radar of the USA, Australia and much of theEurope; the ability to set an unlimited number of favorite locations; a link to personal weather stations; extra features like weather photos, weather news and weather reports; customizable widgets and live wallpapers of weather conditions and the lack of advertisements.

Version: 3.5.2

Update date: 01/10/2014

Size: 9.15 MB

Price: 2.99

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Download link: WeatherPro

4] Koi carp live wallpaper

It offers an animated background of colorful fish and interactive water. Everything was done in 3D using theOpenGL 2.0 with totally interactive water and multitouch support. It works by tapping twice to feed the fish or by tapping once on a fish to surprise it. The full version offers access to the import screen so you can adjust your fish population, the background image, the raindrops, the time of day and much more.

Version: 1.9

Update date: 23/06/2014

Size: 12.19 MB

Price: 0.79

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Download Link: Koi Carps Live Wallpaper

5] MeteoEarth

Lets explore the weather of the planet in a detailed 3D model. It uses the latest generation gaming technology and has extraordinary graphics. Allows you to navigate the 3D world with a simple touch of a button; allows you to zoom from place to place; pause to highlight the details and weather conditions; save an unlimited number of favorite locations; offers 24 hours of forecasting; monitors the movement of clouds, storms and high and low pressure systems and the possibility of choosing the level to be displayed.

Version: 1.6

Update date: 11/09/2014

Size: 16.83 MB

Price: 0.99

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Download link: MeteoEarth

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