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Top 5 best selling apps of Photography on Google Play …

Top 5 best selling apps of Photography on Google Play ...

In today's article we will talk about the 5 best-selling applications of the Photography on the Play Store of Google. Afterlight, Camera Zoom FX Premium, Facetune, Paper Room and Photo Studio Pro.

1) Afterlight

It is thereapplication perfect for making the modification of any image quickly and easily. It has powerful and snappy tools that will allow you to apply the desired look in a few seconds. It has 15 tools adjustment to adjust theimage reaching perfection, 59 filters, 66 textures and 77 frames.

Version: 1.0.4

Update date: 29/08/2014

Size: 35.39 MB

Price: 0.72

Download link: Afterlight

2) Zoom FX Premium Camera

Offers some performance amazing with more than 90 render effects available instantly on your device. The mode camera offers an Optical or digital Zoom up to 6x, flash, the front camera, the ability to customize all the buttons on the device, the Live preview of some effects, the silent camera, the hardware twake options, the ability to send or share your photos on Facebook, Twitter etc. and a customizable grid. Offers several shooting modes including stabilized, timer, voice activated, multiple, college and time lapse shooting. After capturing the photo you can apply effects, carry out a processing at the maximum resolution of the camera, choose from 10 ready effects, 20 color FX, 16 frames, 6 vignetting, 12 distortion FX, 9 mirror FX, 3 FX of tilt-shift, random effects, resize to the desired size or create breathtaking collages.

Version: 5.4.5

Update date: 04/08/2014

Size: 3.73 MB

Price: 2.99

Download Link: Zoom FX Premium Camera

3) Facetune

It is a powerful and fun editing of photos, retouch and add an artistic touch to the images. It offers different functions such as perfect smiles to enlarge or define your smile and to whiten and brighten your teeth, perfect skin to soften and rejuvenate your skin, remove imperfections such as pimples or redness and lighten dark circles; magnetic eyes to emphasize the eyes and obtain a magnetic gaze, change the color of the eyes or correct red or white eyes; beauty salon to go back in time and color gray hair, fill hot areas or remove unwanted hair; reshape the shape of the face to streamline the jaw line, raise the cheekbones and eyebrows, reshape your nose, enlarge or reduce a specific part of the image or completely transform your face into many fun shapes; lively makeup to apply any shade of makeup, increase the volume of your eyelashes, add color or increase the intensity color natural of your lips; perfecting photos to bring them to the center of attention by blurring the background of your photo, improving brightness or adding special effects, creating custom filters, adding special textures and customizable frames, rotating the image and mirroring the photo; artistic to add an artistic touch to personalize your photos and apply personalized filters to the entire photo or only to certain areas.

Version: 1.0.9

Update date: 02/09/2014

Size: 44.24 MB

Price: 2.69

Download link: Facetune

4) Paper Camera

This application can transform your camera smartphone in a real camera cartoons. It contains a lot of filters to make viewing even more spectacular cartoony. In this version it will be possible to record videos but still in beta.

Version: 4.3.1

Update date: 03/09/2014

Size: 12.06 MB

Price: 1.49

Download Link: Paper Camera

5) Photo Studio Pro

It is used by both photographers amateurs who by professionals looking for a simple but powerful application. It has 150 unique filters divided by categories, 70 incredible special effects, sketch filters, has a magic tools section, multiple frames, lens support, color editor, the ability to apply photos to your photos picture frames digital, to perform basic operations on images, the possibility of applying different operations to each single photo, a set of actions and the possibility of saving the results in three image formats (small, normal and large) and in JPG and PNG.


Update date: 06/08/2014

Size: 17.62 MB

Price: 2.98

Download link: Photo Studio Pro

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