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Top 5 best selling apps for Productivity on Google …

Top 5 best selling apps for Productivity on Google ...

In this article we will see 5 app best sellers of productivity available on Play Store of Google. Let's find out all the details. CamScanner (License), Swype Keyboard, Root Explorer, ai.type Keyboard Plus and IP Cam Viewer Pro.

1) CamScanner (License)

This is the license for the CamScanner application. It is the number one application for scanning documents from your own device. It is installed on over 60 million devices in over 200 countries all over the world. The full version offers support for high-quality scans; the files PDF they are created without watermarks; there is an upload function on Evernote is OneDrive and there is no advertising. It allows you to acquire, store, synchronize and collaborate on various contents through your devices. Just use the device's camera to scan and scan all documents like receipts, invoices, notes, business cards, certificates and much more. It ensures that the texts and graphics of the documents are scanned clearly and clearly with high quality colors. There is the optical character recognition function (OCR) to recognize the text present in an image. It has a function to print documents or modify it by adding a few more notes. Supports Cloud Box, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox services.

Version: 1.7

Update date: 17/01/2014

Size: 50.15 KB

Price: 1.47

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: CamScanner (License)

2) Swype Keyboard

It is a fantastic keyboard that makes the experience of writing at the top and becomes smarter as you use it. Pay attention to the way you write and create a pattern language customized. It is characterized by different features such as the ability to choose between different themes; bilingual support; the ability to customize the keyboard including the duration of the vibrations, the height of the keyboard and much more; supports Talkback and Explore by Touch accessibility features by Android; allows you to make a backup of your personal dictionary on Cloud; it is always updated in real time to allow immediate access to the dictionary; supports more than 71 languages ​​and 20 downloadable dialects; equipped with three keyboard designs for tablets; it has a voice recognition so you can have your hands free and use your own voice; the function to analyze the texts and highlight all the errors and more.


Update date: 08/21/2014

Size: 22.75 MB

Price: 0.75

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Download Link: Swype Keyboard

3) Root Explorer

This file manager allows you to access all the file systems of your Android device and can only be used by root users. It has several features such as multiple tabs; support for Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and SMB network; a SQL database viewer; a text editor; the creation or extraction of zip, rar or tar files; a multiple selection; the execution of the scripts; a search function; the ability to reinstall applications; authorizations; bookmarks; the ability to send files via email, Bluetooth etc; miniaturization of images; a binary viewer APK XML; editing a group of files; the creation of symbolic links; the Open with and MD5 property function.

Version: 3.2

Update date: 20/08/2014

Size: 2.32 MB

Price: 3.59

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Download Link: Root Explorer

4) ai.type Keyboard Plus

This keyboard is appreciated by over 10 million users and the smartest one with a context recognition function. It allows you to customize the way you write and configure the keyboard layout by changing themes, colors, fonts or by replacing the keys. It is able to reduce writing time by 40%. It has several features such as predicting the next word; self-correction; checking grammar and spelling; a customization with 8 free keyboard themes; the possibility of creating a personal style; scrolling mode to make typing even faster; the ability to dictate words while writing; change the size of the keyboard; the function searches; several writing functions and guarantees one privacy for your data.

Version: Plus-

Update date: 09/07/2014

Size: 15.41 MB

Price: 3.84

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: ai.type Keyboard Plus

5) IP Cam Viewer Pro

This fantastic application allows you to view, listen, control and record everything that happens from IP cameras is webcam remotely. It also supports recorders video digital DVRs, NVR network video recorders and other CCTV devices. Includes support for HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, RTSP, ONVIF and custom protocols. Supports video formats H.264, MPEG4, ASF, Brescia not from the complex, VP8 and more and PCM, ADPCM, G711, G726, AMR, AAC and more audio files.

Version: 5.5.7

Update date: 09/21/2014

Size: 10.75 MB

Price: 2.95

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: IP Cam Viewer Pro

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