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Top 5 best-selling apps for News and Magazines …

Top 5 best-selling apps for News and Magazines ...

In this article we will see the best 5 app most sold for News is magazines available for purchase and download on Play Store of Google. Let's find out all the details. Key Almanac, Pocket Casts, gReader Pro | Feedly | News, I love Ges is Italy News.

1) Key Almanac

It is the key to activate the version Premium without advertising. This application allows you to discover the events that took place day by day and completely in Italian. There are several sections: data of the day; the Sun with sunrise and sunset and the length of the day; there moon with sunrise and sunset, the moon phase and visibility; the most important events that took place on this day; an included game called the Intruder where to discover, among four choices, such as the intruder; historical or famous people to remember born on this day; quotes, aphorisms and proverbs to think about; the events that have made the history of sport; the meaning and origin of words and ways of saying; a reading corner available only on Sundays; the comic strip; several curiosities about Italian municipalities; an English quiz to practice every day; curiosities from all over the world; tomorrow is celebrated; a preview of the topics that will be discussed in the following days.

Version: 1.0

Update date: 16/11/2013

Size: 37.07 KB

Price: 2.40

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Download Link: Key Almanac

2) Pocket Casts

It's a'application complete to manage their own podcasts and full of functionality and offers a beautiful and simple to use interface.

Version: 4.7.4

Update date: 20/07/2014

Size: 4.35 MB

Price: 2.99

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Download link: Pocket Casts

3) gReader Pro | Feedly | News

This application a reader of feed / RSS very simple and fast and intuitive for yours Android devices. It features beautiful themes, supports podcasts and works even without a connection to Internet. You will be able to read all the news from your favorite websites in comfort and as easy as checking your e-mail. It has several features such as synchronization on all Android devices owned; offers automatic synchronization; it has a simple, fast and intuitive user interface; offers an optimized mode for i Tablet; there are several themes including light, dark black, sepia, blue and green; you will be able to read your articles with white text on a black background saving the battery and increasing readability even at night; the possibility of reading also offline; possible to mark the articles read; offers podcast support; it has search filters; tags; a notification function; the ability to share articles via email, Facebook, Twitter etc; offers services such as translation; allows you to order them in different categories; offers a list of items; widgets; different ways of easy reading; offers a secure connection and also the possibility of making backups.

Version: 3.8.1_pro

Update date: 10/09/2014

Size: 5.38 MB

Price: 3.99

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Download Link: gReader Pro | Feedly | News

4) I love Jesus

This application dedicated to the Christian life, to Jesus, Mary mother of Godto the saints, the poor and the whole world belonging to the Church. There are several sections: the daily and festive liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church; audio and video comments on the liturgy; the Liturgy of the Hours (Psalter); a section dedicated to Ges Sacramentato; the chaplet to Divine Mercy; meditations on the passion of Jesus; a section dedicated to Mary Mother of God; a section dedicated to Saints and Saints; prayers for the Divine; Holy Rosary and various Novenas; Holy Mass on video; comments on Holy Scripture; the Angelus, the Audiences and the Tweets of Pope Francis; news from the Vatican and the SIR agency; news from the Vatican; services from the Vatican television center; various blogs and channels YouTube; communities and groups and much more.

Version: 221

Update date: 22/09/2014

Size: 6.06 MB

Price: 3

Rating: 5 out of 5

Download link: I love Jesus

5) Italy News

Contains the most recent news in Italian of economy, politics, news, show, sport is technology.

Version: 11

Update date: 18/09/2014

Size: 4.05 MB

Price: 1

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Download Link: Italy News

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