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Top 5 best selling apps for Music and Audio …

Top 5 best selling apps for Music and Audio ...

Today we will see in this article the top 5 app most sold in the category Music is audio available on Play Store of Google. Let's see them in detail. Poweramp Full Version Unlocker, Shazam Encore, TuneIn Radio Pro, SoundHound Pro and FoxTube – YouTube Player.

1] Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

He is a powerful man music player for Android and offers features like gapless playback, an unequaled equalization system, excellent crossfade and support for the most popular music file format. The trial version will give you the opportunity to fully exploit the full potential of the application for 15 days. This is the key to activate the trial version and switch to a Pro subscription.

Version: 2-build-26

Update date: 08/01/2014

Size: 72.89 KB

Price: 2.99

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Download Link: Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

2] Shazam Encore

It is the complete version of theapp musical to recognize music tracks in seconds. He is able to find out the title of any song or have information on the TV show you're looking at in seconds. It offers unlimited and lightning-fast tagging.

Version: 4.9.2-14091812-f47d5aa

Update date: 18/09/2014

Size: 9.29 MB

Price: 4.79

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: Shazam Encore

3] TuneIn Radio Pro

It is a real one radio which allows you to follow and listen to any radio stations you prefer from sports, information, music and debate stations. It offers over 100,000 real radio stations and more than 4 million podcasts Worldwide. The pro version does not have advertisements and allows you to record what you are listening to.

Version: 12.7.2

Update date: 12/09/2014

Size: 11.31 MB

Price: 9.06

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Download Link: TuneIn Radio Pro

4] SoundHound Pro

It allows you to search, discover and play your favorite music on yours device Android. You will be able to save your search history on SoundHound Cloud and sync it to both devices. It has some surprising features including the recognition of music at spectacular speed, the only application in the world to recognize the song and the hint of the song, with the LiveLyrics function you can view the lyrics that move in time with the music, allows you to discover the new ones tracks free streaming of new artists, offers an interface optimized for tablets, allows you to update your favorite artists in real time on Facebook is Twitter or share them immediately and a link to buy the song, to watch the video on YouTube or for the biographies of the artists.

Version: 6.2.0

Update date: 19/08/2014

Size: 9.87 MB

Price: 4.50

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Download Link: SoundHound Pro

5] FoxTube – YouTube Player

It allows you to watch videos on YouTube wherever you are without buffering. It offers some features including an easy search, the management of playlist, a function in the background and with remote controls, allows you to show media information in the lock screen, the ability to record videos in the cache before watching, offers support for video high quality and for the mini player.

Version: 1.1.9

Update date: 15/07/2014

Size: 2.37 MB

Price: 2.19

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Download Link: FoxTube – YouTube Player

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