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Top 5 best selling apps for Education on Google Play …

Top 5 best selling apps for Education on Google Play ...

In this article we will talk about 5 app more views of the category Instruction on the Google Play Store. Let's find out all the information. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map, Learn English, Toca Hair Salon 2, Read more quickly and Star Walk.

1] Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

IS' application showing you one map realistic of sky at night in 3D just what you see with the naked eye or through binoculars or a telescope. The sensor check will allow you to identify what you see in a matter of seconds by simply pointing the phone towards the object. It contains a very intuitive touchscreen interface; GPS positioning integration; checking the direction of view using the device with the accelerometer; a catalog of over 600,000 stars allowing a visualization like a real sky map; a catalog of different nebulae and galaxies with some photos of them; constellations asterisms and illustrations; some realistic images of the Milky Way; a realistic landscape and the atmosphere with sunrise, sunset and the simulation of light pollution; a 3D rendering of the main planets of the solar system and their satellites and night mode.

Version: 1.13

Update date: 15/09/2014

Size: 17.54 MB

Price: 1.98

Download link: Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

2] Learn English

It is an effective method to learn English or to improve your level of tongue even with just a few minutes a day of exercise. Contains 3000 cards made up of words and phrases with pronunciation recorded by native English speakers; 14 major categories made up of the indispensable bases of English for information technology, tourism, purchases, Social etc .; more than 100 subcategories including restaurant, sports, entertainment, love and purchases; 10 levels from basic to advanced; targeted English lessons and personalized learning advice; 18 short dialogues based on common situations such as travel or daily life; a complete list of English irregular verbs; more than 100 bonuses to unlock during learning; an online English dictionary and the ability to add your own cards.

Version: 6.0

Update date: 12/06/2014

Size: 15.39 MB

Price: 4.99

Link Download: Learn English

3] Toca Hair Salon 2

In this application you will be able to work in your own shop of hairdresser with four fun characters to choose from. You can cut, color and blow-dry as you wish using the many tools included. From the simple comb with scissors to the plates to curl and smooth the hair. In the new version there are 6 completely new characters; new tools including the razor, the iron for styling, curling irons and hair straighteners; new accessories such as hats, glasses and more; spray effects with realistic colors; new beautiful backgrounds for photos, more fluid and wonderful animations and more beautiful and more realistic hairstyles.

Version: 1.0.4

Update date: 03/09/2014

Size: 36.20 MB

Price: 2.69

Download Link: Toca Hair Salon 2

4] Read faster

It is the ideal application to double yours speed of reading and to improve the ability to storage. It offers you everything you need to read texts of any type in the future in a faster, more effective way and being able to memorize much faster.

Version: 1.2.1

Update date: 29/01/2014

Size: 3.42 MB

Price: 2.99

Link Download: Read faster

5] Star Walk

This fantastic application allows you to look closely at the star, the constellations and i planets with the various phases of the moon and contains links to Wikipedia for more information and the time machine to see all the past events or those that have yet to happen in the tour. An internet connection is not required to use it.

Version: 1.0.8

Update date: 25/04/2014

Size: 112 MB

Price: 2.23

Download Link: Star Walk

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