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Tomorrow a new iPod? Maybe yes maybe no

Tomorrow a new iPod may arrive. This is the (potentially) boom news of the evening. To launch it, Secret Secret, a well-known site specializing in rumors clandestinely released from the Cupertino offices.

The hypothetical iPod since its arrival would be the one that has been much talked about in the past, or the one with a touch screen. Think Secret claims that, in reality, tomorrow's would be just a presentation because, given what the sources reported, the player would be marketed only from next June, to coincide with the release of the iPhone.

The news could be plausible: the iPods have not been updated for many months and, on the threshold of the iPhone launch, the touch screen should be a proven technology and ready to be offered to the public. But on the other hand, it seems quite unlikely that Apple would want to put a new iPod on the market in correspondence with the long-awaited official launch of the phone, thus risking to divert users' attention from the iPhone. On the other hand, news of the relevance that the iPod touch screen would have could deserve a press event and not a simple press release as it seems in this case.

The indiscretion, therefore, needs to be taken with all the necessary precautions, and even the Think Secret itself does not go too far, branding the note as "unconfirmed". Just wait a few hours to test its consistency.