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Today the new FreeHand MX

Macromedia later today should officially present FreeHand MX.

The latest version of the graphics package, therefore, becomes part of the MX product line and will be included in the Studio MX suite.

Frehand MX will integrate with Flash MX, taking on the new interface features of the new series of products released in recent months.

The innovations of FreeHand MX are innumerable but the main ones (in addition to the tools) are located precisely in the effort to integrate the software with other Macromedia products and in particular with Flash, which at the moment is the 'driving' product around which the company has built the its commercial strategy.

Macromedia also took advantage of the new release to optimize FreeHand for Mac OS X and improve multi-user support.

FreeHand MX will be available from today for electronic purchase which involves only the download. A canned version will be released in a couple of weeks. The cost for the American market of $ 399 for the full version. Upgrades are available at $ 149 (from FreeHand 9) and $ 99 for those who own Studio MX or FreeHand 10.

The version in Italian and other languages ​​will arrive later.