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Today is Apple Watch day in Italy

Today is Apple Watch day in Italy


We are finally here: Apple Watch arrives in Italy today. Apple Watch prices in Italy, on sale from 26 June 2015

Here we are: from today possible buy Apple Watch in Italy

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<h4 style=Apple Watch finally arrives in Italy: on sale today

Today, Friday 26 June 2015, the day of the Apple Watch. From today, in fact, it is possible to buy Apple Watch also in Italy.From today, June 26, 2015, the Apple Watch will also be on sale in Italy, Cupertino's smart watch, which has been in stores for two months in the US, France, Germany and other countries.

Recall that the device has a rectangular touch screen in sapphire glass and elegant design, linked to various lines capable of marrying different contexts. Apple Watch able to dialogue with iPhones and able to offer peculiar functions in the field of fitness and turn-by-turn navigation.

It can also be controlled via voice commands (via Siri) and has a special "digital crown" to improve navigability between menus and images on the screen.

How to buy Apple Watch in Italy?

The Apple Watch can be purchased from today, June 26, 2015, through the online site ( with free shipping at home, or you can book it in the online store and collect it from an Apple Store starting from 7.01. You can also try it by making an appointment at a Store.

Apple Watch: how many models available?

The Apple Watch models on sale in Italy will be: Sport, Edition, Watch.The most expensive will be Apple Watch Edition, the version in 18-carat pink or yellow gold, whose price starts from 11 thousand euros up to 18 thousand euros.

Apple Watch coming out in Italy from today 26 June 2015: here are the prices of the Sport, Classic and Edition models

This is the price list expected at the beginning in our country:

  • Apple Watch Sport: 399 euros for the 38 mm version, 449 for the 42 mm version;
  • Apple Watch: from 649 to 1,199 euros for the 38 mm version, from 699 to 1,249 euros for the 42 mm version;
  • Apple Watch Edition: from 11,000 euros to 18,000 euros for the 38mm version, from 13,000 to 16,000 euros for the 42mm version.

Design: Apple Watch case and straps

The device is a smart watch with a rectangular shape and rounded corners, available in two case sizes 38 and 42 millimeters as well as in three design editions.

The body is characterized by a rounded and rounded appearance, finished with a sapphire crystal or ion glass (Sport variant) slightly curved on the corners and, last but not least, with completely interchangeable straps. On the right side of the device there are two physical buttons: the digital crown, or a wheel that allows you to zoom the interface or select functions, and a quick button for recalling contacts.

The case has configurations in three different materials, as per the list:

  • Apple Watch: polished stainless steel, in natural or sidereal black color;
  • Apple Watch Sport: silver or space gray anodized aluminum;
  • Apple Watch Edition: 18-karat gold, made with a special manufacturing process that makes it twice as hard and resistant than classic gold.

The screen is a retina display with very high pixel density to make the image more qualitative, but above all equipped with Force Touch technology able to distinguish a quick tap from a stronger and longer pressure. The Taptic Engine included in the case also generates a small vibration that is used to return a tactile sensation to each tap which makes the use of the interface more comfortable and safe.

Apple Watch software functionality

Here are the functions already integrated by default in the Apple Watch software. Many more will come in the future via software updates, while others will be added by developers through the release of Apple Watch compatible software.

Among the functions already present on Apple Watch we have:

  • Calls: Apple Watch allows you to make hands-free calls using the microphone and speaker. Not being equipped with a SIM slot, the feature only available in conjunction with an iPhone;
  • Messages: You can participate in iMessage conversations or send SMS from the device screen, always paired with an applephone. To enter the text, vocal dictation is used, the only keyboard available is that of emojis;
  • Mail:as for the messages, you can check your e-mails, to which you always reply with the vocal dictation;
  • maps there are maps very similar to those of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, bearing in mind how the function needs the GPS location of the iPhone to operate correctly. In the same way, it is possible to activate a step-by-step navigator;
  • Fitness: The smart watch can divide healthy activities into fitness exercises or real workouts. It monitors the movement, quantity and quality of daily activities and stimulates not to be too sedentary with special warnings. It can also keep track of cardio sessions or intensive workouts such as running or cycling, calculating heart rate and calories burned;
  • Digital Touch sharing: Apple Watches can communicate with each other with a system that is not only innovative, but also particularly sensorial. By calling up the contact with the appropriate side button, for example you can draw a sort of message on the screen to send to the interlocutor: a letter, a smiley, a short drawing. Then there are other nice functions, but not so important;
  • Camera roll and camera: accessing the photographs of iOS 8, you find yourself in front of a mosaic. With the digital crown, just zoom in to enlarge each of these photographs. In addition, there is the possibility to remotely control the rear camera of the iPhone;
  • Weather, calendar and Passbook:the smartwatch can easily access all the information stored on Weather, Calendar and Passwork, even from iCloud;
  • Personalization and glance: The Apple Watch interface can be highly personalized, to show dials according to your mood based on preset colors or designs, from the classic hands to the spatial images, passing through Mickey Mouse. The glance functions allow you to set up information screens, from weather to time zones, to be viewed simply by swiping your fingers from the bottom upwards on the display.

Apple Watch: how long does the battery last?

The battery of the Apple Watch is NOT replaceable and has an expected life cycle of approximately 3 years. After 3 years, you will have to go to Apple to change the battery.

Obviously battery life and autonomy are deeply influenced by the use of the smartwatch, on average Apple expects the battery life under normal use conditions measured on the 38mm model to be 18 hours.If used with greater intensity, the watch allows 3 hours of talk time, 6.5 hours of audio playback or 6.5 hours of training.

In watch-only mode, the duration of 48 hours, in low-consumption mode, increases to 72 hours. Although it is not clear in what percentage, the 42 mm model would have greater autonomy.

The recharge possible through a special connector to approach the rear of the case: a series of magnets automatically align the parts, starting the process with greater safety and simplicity. Within 1.5 hours the battery charges at 80%, while within 2.5 hours the battery returns to its full capacity.

Well, now Apple Watch has no more secrets for you. Will you buy it?

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