Tinder panic button

Tinder is working on a panic button to launch an SOS

When a romantic date is likely to become dangerous, the dating app ready to introduce a system to send a request for help

Tinder's panic button is one of the features the world's most popular dating app is planning to launch for strengthen user safety. A counter-move to safeguard daters from encounters with harassers and an appointment "built" through the app becomes dangerous.

The new initiative is expected to debut in the US in late January. Include the ability to send and receive feedback if one of the participants feels uncomfortable and even get the police to the gallant meeting place that risks degenerating into violence.

To offer the new service, Tinder's parent company, Match.com, bought a share and a place on the board in noonlight, a new app that traces the location of users and informs the authorities if security problems emerge.

How the Tinder panic button would work

To use the function, the daters will have to share their data on the real-time position with the app. In this sense, Match states that this information will not be used for marketing or otherwise, nor will it be shared with Match itself: they will all be managed by Noonlight.

The new security system will initiate a protocol in case the user is not comfortable during the first meetingwill send a code to be entered on the smartphone. If this doesn't goa message would come. And even if there was no answer to thisa call would startwhich, if lost, would followone to the police.

Tinder panic button

Users who opt to use the new feature will also be able to show a badge on their dating profiles, which the company hopes will act as a deterrent for all bad "actors" on the platform.

There is also always the possibility that an alarm could be triggered accidentally during a dating that is going well, but the company says it is a risk that willing to take.

“You have to rule onedating applike a mom, "said Match CEO, Mandy Ginsberg: "I think a lot about the security of our platforms and what they can do to prevent bad behavior ".

For Tinder the investment in Noonlight is the first act formonitor security in real timeafter the first contact of the users on the platform followed by a face to face meeting for a coffee or a drink. Until now, the app had used surveillance systems on the methods of communication between the parties, in particular to identify forms of abusive language or indecent photos.