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Tim Brasil close to the iPhone deal

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Tim Brasil close to the agreement for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Tim Brasil close to making an iPhone deal. The announcement comes from internal sources to the mobile operator controlled by Telecom Italia. To anticipate what would be a second important agreement for the company that refers to Francesco Bernab after the signing of a contract for the Italian market, the San Paolo newspaper of Brazil

Rumors of a possible insertion in extremis of Tim Brasil in the game for the launch of the iPhone in the South American country alongside Vivo and Claro, had spread in early summer. Back then, the president of mobile operator Pereira de Arauj had anticipated the existence of a negotiating table with Apple. According to Pereira de Arauj, the agreement would have been facilitated by the fact that Tim Italia already sells iPhones and that the Tim Brasil network is already ready for 3G, technology in actual use in some areas, which is not true for Vivo.

It remains to be seen, assuming that Tim Brasil is indeed close to an agreement, if his managers and technicians will be able not to experience a delay compared to the competition. Vivo and Claro are expected to launch iPhones in the last week of September as Macity writes elsewhere.

If indeed Tim Brasil will agree with Apple, the South American country will be part of the very limited lot of nations with three operators. For now only Australia (officially) and Russia (unofficially) should offer such a wide choice.

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