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TikTok takes on the look and looks more and more like Instagram

Big news at TikTok: design more similar to Instagram, new features and more integration with WhatsApp, Google and Facebook and with more stimuli for user interactions

TikTok design(Photo: Shiho Fukada / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

TikTok runs fast and ready to redo the look importantly going to resemble not so vaguely not so much Instagram.The fourth most downloaded application globally in the world in the last commercial period, also ready to introduce new features which will expand its capabilities with a Discover / Explore page and a more direct link with WhatsApp, Google and Facebook.

The news was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong who is a specialist in reverse engineering i.e. what can be defined as an in-depth study of a software or object starting from a sort of vivisection that isolates each element to better understand the whole. So he also did with Tik Tok, peering under the carpet future updates and imminent.

The most consistent novelty will affect the page For you, or that generated automatically by thealgorithm who studies user preferences. Until now we have gone from one video to another with a flip, i.e. with a fingertip movement, with a vertical orientation. But soon there will be a grid that closely resembles that of the Explore page of Instagram.

Tik Tok new update(Photo: @Wongmjane Twitter)

In doing so, you will have a significant advantage: you will have a clearer vision at first glance about what could be of interest. This way you can tap only on the videos considered more considerable, instead of – as now – one swipe behind the other. Of course, the study system of the user preferences, with the aim of proposing videos that are increasingly close to personal tastes.

Other news will see the addition of a button Discover on the homepage to replace the search button (with magnifying glass). The new icon will have the appearance of a person and will serve to find other users with the same possible tastes. A change that could interest the stars and potentials on the portal very closely, given that they become a permanent member suggested users could exponentially raise their own followers.

Discover Tik Tok button(Photo: @Wongmjane Twitter)

Finally, there will be minor updates, such as the like account on the pages dedicated to sounds and hashtags or the downloads on the videos themselves; they can share videos more easily on WhatsApp; associate your Google or Facebook users; and there will be one switch between multiple personal accounts, always inspired by Instagram.

In short, TikTok has become a super power among apps and ready to introduce news that will increase interaction, encourage the rise of the highest quality profiles and stimulate competition among members, with all the numbers on display. Aside from the talk about the possible production of a smartphone, this would be just one proof of maturity. Now that it has hit China, how high can it go worldwide?


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