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Three UK criticizes Apple: "He chose the wrong operator"

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"IPhone in the UK is not on an adequate network." Bernie O'Beirne, sales manager of 3 UK, was interested in this opinion and was expressed in front of all the partners, resellers and sales force of the English branch of 3, all gathered at the annual convention held in London.

The criticism of O'Beirne, especially towards O2 which has the exclusive rights of the iPhone, has been striking. "A terminal as good as the operator's network on which it works," said the manager in fact criticizing the performance of the 3G network but also the choice made by Cupertino to market iPhone 3G with O2. Interviewed by Mobile, a spokesman for 3 UK raised the dose by claiming that O2 has the least developed 3G network (in the United Kingdom) and also raised other doubts about the pricing policy adopted for the iPhone.

The attack by Tre Uk does not surprise. At various points on the globe where the Hutchinson Whampoa operator operates with his networks, lawsuits have arisen in the margins of the iPhone. The managers of the 3 branches in Australia and also in Italy have made their voices heard regarding the iPhone. With ever-changing tones and ways, the bitterness of the operator in various countries about his exclusion from the marketing of the iPhone clearly emerges.

As for Italy, we would like to remind you that Vincenzo Novari, CEO of H3G Italy, had threatened to appeal to the antitrust judgment after Apple had formalized the marketing with Tim and Vodafone. Macity covered the events in this article. Novari, a few days before the launch in our country, had promised the introduction of the iPhone for the month of September with prices, subscriptions and rates significantly lower than those announced by Tim and Vodafone.

H3G Australia had opened a site where it collected the requests of its customers who wanted iPhones and thus sought a listening channel at Cupertino. Finally, after being excluded from the games for the choice of Apple towards other Australian operators, the local branch of H3G did not give up and proposed a complete "unofficial" plan for all users who had purchased a new iPhone 3G and for encourage them to move to 3 by offering customers a $ 300 refund in the form of telephone credit, regardless of the plan chosen, finally substantial packages of minutes for calls and data traffic included, at reasonable prices starting from 49 Australian dollars.

As for Italy, in mid-September, numerous loyal customers of H3G Italy are still waiting with hope for the subscription plans and operator 3 offers for the iPhone 3G, a hope that has not yet fallen, even among fans of the iPhone and the Apples that expect a more affordable and sustainable commercial offer than the plans proposed today by Tim and Vodafone. If it were not possible, contrary to what was announced by the CEO Novari, to get hold of the iPhone, one wonders if for Tre it might not be a good idea to follow the "plan B" launched in Australia, a plan that for Italy would be even more easy to follow since all iPhones are sold unlocked and without operator restrictions.

A refund in the form of telephone credit and attractive rates could certainly convince many people to buy iPhones from Vodafone or Tim and use a three-rate ad hoc tariff which could in this way demonstrate, apparently without a hit, with the same opportunities and without costs higher than those supported by Tim and Vodafone who subsidize the appliance at source, the value of its network and its commercial proposal.