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Three Pioneer audio / video docks for iPhone and touch

Pioneer XW-NAC3

New Pioneer for iPhone: Pioneer XW-NAC3 and Pioneer XW-NAC1 arrive two dock devices for playing two music libraries. Among the functions we point out the Shuffle allows you to listen to tracks from both players, mixing them to offer a continuous flow of music, without interruptions. The result is non-stop music with smooth transitions from one song to another. To perform a quick search among the tracks contained in one or both players, just press a single button to get a 10-second preview of all the tracks in one or both of the libraries of the iPod / iPhone housed in the docking stations.

The two new Pioneer audio docks integrate Bluetooth so they are set up to receive music files from other BT devices. To improve the audio quality, the Retriever AIR technology is integrated, capable of restoring the pressure and sound density of the files, lost with BT compression, and reducing the noise deriving from BT transmission. The Pioneer XW-NAC3 and Pioneer XW-NAC1 models are also equipped with a composite video output for the playback of video content on the TV starting from the multimedia files stored on the iPhone and iPod: control is via the included remote control

The top of the range XW-NAC3 model also offers Internet connectivity via LAN interface and DLNA certification. By connecting the device to the home network with Internet access, the user can listen to the radio via the web or play music from other DLNA certified devices. On the top panel of the unit there is a USB port for the connection of the sticks or other USB peripherals for the playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV or FLAC files. We still remember the clock and timer functions with alarm and sleep function. XW-NAC3 proposed at the price of 349 euros, while XW-NAC1 at 249 euros.

Pioneer XW-NAV1 Pioneer XW-NAV1 integrated audio / video system The Pioneer XW-NAV1 dock is a compact and integrated system to manage audio and even video in the living room or any other room in the house. It is a slim and compact media player, equipped with an iPod / iPhone dock station, FM tuner and CD / DVD player. It can be connected to the TV to turn into a home entertainment system thanks to the HDMI port or even via a composite cable.

DVD playback benefits thanks to the upscaling that brings DVD resolution to new details up to 1080p, while quality audio reproduction ensured by two full-range speakers with passive radiators. Videos stored or streamed on iPod / iPhone can be viewed on the TV thanks to the composite video output on the back of the XW’NAV1. The USB port allows for easy playback of WMA / MP3 music files, JPEG photos and DivX videos stored on a USB storage device. Thanks to the CD-USB ripping functionality of the audio video system, it is easy to record CD tracks directly on USB without the need for a computer. It is proposed at the price of 249 euros. For more information, visit the official Pioneef website.