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Think Free Office in Italian, the low-priced Office suite for .doc, xls, ppt, html.

ThinkFree Office offers a set of applications that are simple to use: text management, spreadsheet and presentations, as well as the ability to browse within your folders, whether they are located on your hard drive or on the Internet.

ThinkFree Office compatible with Microsoft Office. If you use e-mail, very often friends or collaborators send documents in the Microsoft Office format such as .doc, .xls and .ppt.ThinkFree Office opens them without problems, allows you to edit them and record them in the same formats. able to share their documents with friends and collaborators.

ThinkFree Office compatible with the major operating systems.ThinkFree Office offers the same features regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, or UNIX. The file formats are identical for all platforms, therefore documents created with ThinkFree Office on one computer can be opened on another computer, without having to perform conversion or import operations.

ThinkFree Office is based on Java and it is due to this peculiarity that it is independent of the operating system on which it operates.

ThinkFree Office requires Mac OS X vers. 10.1.3 or later or any version of Windows.

A ThinkFree Office license allows the owner to use it on any computer, both at work and in the office, regardless of which operating systems are used.

ThinkFree Office includes the annual subscription to CyberDrive, a safe place on the Internet where you can store both the application and your files to be able to use or exchange your work in absolute safety.

ThinkFree Office a powerful HTML page generator, starting from any application, Write, Calc or Show. Taking advantage of CyberDrive, for example, it will be very easy to create and manage your own website.

The program, completely in Italian, has a suggested selling price of ‚ā¨ 64.90 + VAT. Discounts for additional licenses, for schools and students.

It is ready for delivery.

The demonstration can be downloaded from this page of the Active Software website