There is an app that evaluates how much you are hiring

There is an app that evaluates how much you are hiring

Hireable Analytics the newly launched platform to monitor the hiring rate of those who want to find work. Because one thing is certain: Facebook and Instagram are now part of the CV

Do you have an artfully made curriculum vitae, a 110/110 cum laude degree, crazy experiences and don't you explain why you can't find work? If as a profile picture on Facebook you are clearly drunk, you have a cigarette in your mouth and you do the middle finger, ask yourself a few questions: now what do you notice that the human resources managers are trained a first impression on the candidates to be selected based on the information online.

According to the data reported by the Monster job search site, 85% of recruiters decide whether to proceed with the selection after having a look at the Google results and profiles of social networks. But how do you measure the level of assurance that we have on the web? To do this, Hireable Analytics, the platform that allows you to, has just been launched monitor the hireablity rate, precisely, of those who want to find or change jobs.

It is an app that is based on an algorithm able to determine the quality of profile images in order to be hired by a company. He manages to do this by combining the level of warmth (personal dimension) and that of skill (competence). This system is based on the theory of the so-called Wisdom of the crowd, the winner of the Nobel prize for economics in 2013: a mass of people always manages to provide answers that are more adequate and closer to the reality of the facts than any expert, with all due respect. experts.

The Hireable user it is assessed completely anonymously by the community that belongs to the platform (and each user evaluates the others himself, thus becoming an active part of the community), so that the prejudices can be counterbalanced by the volume of judgments. Users will thus be able to identify the profile images that have the greatest chance of success in relation to a specific role (because things – and photos – change if you are looking for a job as a tattoo artist or as a dentist, of course).

The operation of the app is simple and intuitive: just create the profile (from scratch or using Linkedin); you choose the name, the job title, the sector and the company for which you work (in case you are already working and you are looking for a new place), date of birth and gender (with the possibility of selecting non-binary). Yes they can upload up to 4 photos to be evaluated, looking at the tutorials to know how to move and then off you go.

The first step rating other profiles. Each photo receives a Hireability score, an assurance score based on the triangulation of the photo, job title and sector. In this way anyone can measure the impact of the different images of s to know the first impressions, without necessarily having to ask the aunt, grandmother and friend (who, you know, are never 100% sincere).

Lapp Hireable Analytics available for free for iOS and Android systems and was developed by the London company of the same name, Hireable, founded by the Italian Umberto Callegari (who worked for Octo Telematics and Monitor Deloitte) and the American Misho Ceko (operating director of the Chicago Harris School of public policy ).


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