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The X-BOX drives the Microsoft quarter

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Profits for Microsoft. The Redmond company, presenting the fiscal balance for the quarter that ended in December, in fact announced that it had revenues of 8.54 million dollars with a net profit of 2.55 billion dollars. Turnover higher than last year (+ 10%) as well as profits that in the same quarter of 2001 had been of 2.28 million dollars. The turnover, even higher than expected, was around 7.8 million dollars and represents the highest level ever reached by the company since its foundation.

The merits of the increase in turnover are largely due to the interesting performance that the X-BOX, the consumer market in general, Windows XP and the server software managed to add up. The X-BOX in particular would have sold 8 million units since the launch day accompanied by 250,000 X-BOX Live kits.

It should be noted that from the point of view of regional markets, Europe was the area where Microsoft had the highest growth (+ 32%).

Among the most significant data of the fourth, however, there is Microsoft's decision to distribute a dividend to its shareholders. This choice, common to many other companies, is unique in the history of Redmond. Shareholders will receive 16 cents for each title they hold.

Interestingly, Gates, who remains Microsoft's largest shareholder, will make a profit of around $ 100 million from this choice, while CEO Ballmer will have to settle for around $ 37 million. Money that could end up entirely in the pockets of the two major managers of Microsoft, given a law that Bush intends to pass at the congress according to which personal taxes on dividends will not be applied. All this would translate into savings of $ 39 million for Gates and $ 15 million for Ballmer