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The world of Flash / Creatives meets at IBTS in Milan

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The birth of the web has brought about a revolution in the daily way of life of hundreds of millions of people. Since its inception, the Web and HTML have attracted numerous professionals as they represented a new means of communication whose peculiarities and creative potential were to be exploited. Many designers abandoned the "printed paper" and dedicated themselves to the new challenge of Internet. Probably for too many professionals, but especially too many companies, they made the mistake of believing that the web was the "definitive form of the Internet", the last definitive evolution of this technology. A few years after the advent of the web, Flash was born; a technology that, although integrated with the web, does not depend directly on it and which immediately fascinated creatives who were not content to transfer the graphic lay-outs of newspapers and weekly magazines to the Internet. Many portals born between '96 and ' 99 copied each other and all copied newspapers together, this phenomenon tried to establish itself as a standard and even proposed itself as a model of economic development through international stock exchanges.Just during these years, a large slice of creatives and technicians preferred instead focus on the use of tools that allow to obtain highly innovative results in terms of communication and interactivity.

Flash, software produced by Macromedia, a software that allows you to create animations, movies, video clips, highly interactive and attractive sites. Sites based on this technology are now a large percentage and over 98% of browsers allow you to view this type of site, today in 2001, while numerous traditional portals are being questioned (and are being questioned by international stock exchanges) , Flash sites are increasingly numerous and visited. The growing community of Flash creatives and the results are more and more interesting: they are often real works of art. In addition, companies in the world who have chosen to focus their attention on Flash (developing complementary software or sites and design) live in a happy island also compared to an overall difficult market.

In Italy, as in the rest of the world, this community is growing more and more both numerically and qualitatively. In February 2001 Nico Stumpo (an Italian designer who has worked with Flash for a long time) won one of the most coveted awards in the world: the Flash Film Festival. In the past, another Italian creative, Mirco Pasqualini, had won important international awards In addition, last year during IBTS a very interesting work by Bruno Bozzetto was shown which was very successful and which was made using Flash. Finally many creatives from the digital audio sector began to produce and meet with the creatives of the sector. "Visual" .Giampiero Travaglini, initially Jazz guitarist, then sound designer, has transferred his experience in sampling and synthesizers mixed with vocals and real guitars to make video clips with Flash.Bruno Bozzetto, Nico Stumpo, Mirco Pasqualini and Giampiero Travaglini will attend the FlashForum , organized by Assoexpo and Maria Grazia Mattei, which will be held during IBTS at the Milan fair i l 7 October.

The most popular flash / creative is coming from the United States right now: Erick Natzke. The speeches will be "moderated" by Alberto Cecchi founder of the first Italian online magazine dedicated to Flash