The White House urges Apple suppliers - TSMC and Intel - to manufacture in the USA

The White House urges Apple suppliers – TSMC and Intel – to manufacture in the USA

The Trump administration in talks with semiconductor companies such as Intel and TSMC to restart the development of new chip factories in the US as concern about dependencies on Asia grows as a source of critical technology supplies.

The birth of new chip manufacturing facilities in the USA – explains the Wall Street Journal – would allow the sector to be redefined by marking a U-turn after decades of expansion of American companies in Asia, eager to obtain incentives to be part of the national supply chain.

Administration officials are in talks with Intel and TSMC; the former already has its facilities dedicated to the production of chips in the US, and the talks concern the expansion of production in the United States, while for TSMC it would be encouraged to create its first facility on site.

Greg Slater, Vice President of Intel responsible for policy and technical aspects reported that Intel is taking seriously the expansion plans that foresee the creation of a system for advanced chips made in safety for government use and other customers, seeing the thing as "a good opportunity ", explaining that" the best time "and that" the greatest demand compared to the past, also from a commercial point of view ".

As for TSMC (the company that manufactures the Ax series chips for Apple), the US newspaper reports on talks with officials from the Commerce and Defense departments, and with customers like Apple for the creation of factories dedicated to the creation of chips in the USA. The goal similar to that already discussed with Intel and between the lines seems that the intention is to entice Apple to take advantage of TSMC chips produced in the USA.

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"We are actively evaluating all suitable locations, including the US, but there is still no concrete plan," said TSMC in a statement on future expansion plans. The United States government has already put pressure on TSMC on other occasions, inviting it to create on-site facilities in particular for the creation of components used by the military in combat aircraft and satellites.

There had been rumors in the past of the construction of a TSMC factory in the US but the transfer of part of the production would entail enormous costs and sacrifices, problems that could be overcome with incentives from the American administration. It is estimated that approximately 65% ​​of TSMC's turnover is generated by orders from US companies, so the plan to create a TSMC factory in the USA is justified, even if the built processors must then be shipped to mostly concentrated assemblers and builders. in China and Asia. According to some, the real needle of the balance could be Apple: a stronger and more direct presence with a TSMC factory "at home" would allow us to better serve Apple orders and at the same time to respond to the requests of President Donald Trump, worried about anything produced other than the USA, including electrical equipment connected to the network.