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The week of the new G4?

The week that opens today could be that of the launch of the new G4 and the renewed iMac.

Many sites, as already mentioned several times, say they are convinced, if not certain, that it will be an announcement that could arrive or tomorrow or Wednesday to mark their debut.

Indications in this sense, in fact, there are. In particular, as confirmed by some Macity sources, Apple has no longer delivered desktop machines to its resellers since before the Macworld and has made it known that it will not be able to do that from the end of the month. Difficult to think that what will resume will be to deliver the G4 or iMac currently in the list.

If this is exactly the week of the new G4 and the renewed iMacs, it is much more difficult to understand what exactly we could see.

At first glance, the debut of an iMac with a 19-inch screen appears very unlikely, the expansion of the 17 range and the permanence on the list of at least a 15-inch model are quite likely. Obviously the speed bump, with two or three processor variants. The most logical prediction would be that of a 800 Mhz model, one from 867 and one from 933 MHz, but a simplification of the line with only two processors and perhaps even a 1 GHz chip cannot be excluded.

In the field of PowerMacs, the debut of the MPC 7457 should be taken for granted, a new Motorola processor that some documents have indicated with an initial target speed of 1.5 GHz. The current 1.2 Ghz to offer should remain substantially unchanged to offer the possibility of booting to those who still need Mac Os 9. The rest of the range would approach the 17-inch PowerBook with technologies, with FireWire 2, preparation for Airport Extreme and, perhaps, integrated Bluetooth.

Obviously on the whole range iLife would be pre-installed, whose official debut (certainly not by chance) scheduled for next Saturday 25 January, a date by which one can reasonably think, will have already appeared on the Hard Disks of the new machines.