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The war live streaming

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The war live streaming –

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Fifteen LNG – Laptop News Gathering stations have been equipped by ABC News, the news of one of the four major US television networks, for the correspondents in Iraq who will follow the terrible (however you think) war event, so far only envisaged.

The streaming technology is provided to the Disney group broadcaster, On2 Technologies in collaboration with TVZ and 4BN – Fourth Broadcast Network, the reporters will be able to send the images taken by a small to the broadcast centers at home, via the Internet or satellite phone camera provided.

Some image sequences will be optimally encoded at a bit rate of 2 Mb per second, others at 750 Kb per second if different conditions require it, while maintaining a broadcast quality thanks to the VP5 codec of On2 (competing with MPEG4).

The British BBC News have entered into a similar agreement with On2 by purchasing 13 licenses for LNG, specifically the tough Panasonic Toughbooks with Avid digital video editing system.

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