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The third tick of the displayed is about to arrive on WhatsApp


With Facebook's acquisition months ago, Whatsapp at the moment it has not undergone many changes to its messaging service. The formula always provides excellent results, with constant growth, so for now there is no need for revolutions, Among the news for which we will see in the coming months in addition to voice calls we will also see the third notification tick, which will inform you when the message is displayed.

In the current version of the well-known social network of messaging there are two notification ticks, the first that informs us of the receipt of the message on the WhatsApp server, the second that instead notifies the arrival of the message on the recipient's smartphone.

A novelty could come in the coming months, thanks to the introduction of the third tick, which would act in the same way as functionality "displayed”That we see on the social Facebook. With the arrival of this check the sender of the message will be able to be informed that its contents have been viewed and consequently read.

On the usefulness or not of this new third check there are some discussions on the net, those who say they are happy with this solution and can't wait to blame someone for reading the message without providing an answer, and those who consider this news as a new restriction of the user privacy, since those who send messages will be able to know much more information about our use of WhatsApp. We will see if this option will be introduced as an option that can be activated by the user or as a fixed functionality.

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