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The Sushi Spinnery: Kairosoft is given to Japanese cuisine

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The Sushi Spinnery: Kairosoft turns to Japanese cuisine logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Japanese company Kairosoft has gained some fame in the mobile market thanks to a series of small management and themed simulations, including the excellent Game Dev Story (which leads a game development team) and Mega Mall Story ( dedicated to the world of large shopping centers). The Japanese developer's new entry is titled The Sushi Spinnery, and as the name suggests this time set inside a sushi bar. The theme is the only big news since The Sushi Spinnery shares the engine and the colorful pixel art graphics with Kairosoft's previous games. At the start of the game, the player runs a small Japanese restaurant, equipped only with a table and few chairs. The aim is to accumulate more and more money and expand the premises, building additional kitchens and hiring new staff.

As the game progresses, it then becomes necessary to obtain new ingredients and unlock additional recipes, and there is no shortage of cooking championships to participate in to get more and more fame and money. Finally, the cycle of seasons returns, already seen in other Kairosoft games and which in this case affects the ingredients that can be found in a given period of the year. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, The Sushi Spinnery can be purchased on the App Store at a cost of 3.59.

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