Microsoft punta sul doppio schermo con Neo e Surface Duo

The Surface Duo video shows Microsoft's smartphone tablet running

Microsoft presented its new smartphone tablet, a dual-screen device for the first time last year, although the Windows multinational never offered hands on, nor gave anyone the opportunity to touch it with their hands to ascertain its potential: now a new video Surface Duo appeared on the net, however, feeds curiosity on this terminal, and partially shows how it works.

Recently it was possible to verify the operation of Android on this Surface Duo thanks to an emulator, while the Surface Duo video that we report in this article actually shows a working device. Discovered on Vancouver's SkyTrain, the hardware looks identical to what Microsoft showed in October 2019, although there is some speculation that may now include a front flash.

video surface duo microsoft

The interesting part of this Surface Duo video is to check out exactly how Android works on the device, and how the operating system adapts when using a single display or both screens side by side.

In the video you can see a game running on a single display, before the owner tries to scroll and return to Outlook for Android. Gesture animations still seem to be in beta, but the video also shows the use of two apps side by side on Surface Duo, albeit for a short period.

For a few seconds in the Surface Duo video it is also possible to appreciate how apps can extend on both displays in what Microsoft calls an "extended canvas" mode. This will not be the default for developers, since end users will have to specifically choose to extend an app on both displays, but the default behavior will see the apps open individually on each display.

Microsoft has provided a large number of guidelines for dual screen app developers, and even an Android emulator. The work still in progress, however, as this video shows, Surface Duo is already reality: the marketing expected within the winter holidays of this year. For more details on this new Microsoft device coming soon you can consult this macitynet article.

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