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The Supreme Court says no to Microsoft

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The Supreme Court says no to Microsoft logomacitynet1200wide 1

No Supreme Court for the Microsoft case. The magistrates of the highest degree of judgment in the American system announced that they had rejected the request made by the giant of Redmond asking for an examination of his case and avoiding his return to the district court. The decision does not come unexpectedly. Most anti-trust experts had raised serious doubts about whether the Supreme Court could accept the request. "Only Microsoft," said Baltimore University law professor Bob Lande, assumed the appeal could be upheld. What reasons could have led the Court to deal with such a complex case? Now only two ways remain for Microsoft: to undergo, after a review of the case, a new punishment that presumably will be different from that imposed by Jackson or to find an agreement with the Department At the moment, on the order of the new judge Colleen Kollar Kotelly, the two sides are trying to find an extrajudicial agreement. If by Friday the negotiation has not reached a conclusion or if the parties do not show that they have made progress, a mediator will be assigned who will work until November 2, the date after which the process will resume to arrive at a final judgment. first instance trial Microsoft and the Justice Department sought a mediated settlement through a judge who moderated the parties. But the talks, which took place in Chicago, had no effect.

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