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The strange couple

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The strange couple –

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There was also Steve Wozniak, theother founder of Apple, at Mac World in San Francisco. His presence had been announced and represents an important moment also for Apple's communication: the meeting between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak almost thirty years after the two, in the garage of the Jobs home, started the personal computer revolution .

During the presentation of Jobs, which appeared fleetingly, in the succession of the iCal screens, an evening dinner appointment with "Woz", defined several times as the true technical genius behind the Apple II and Mac revolution. But no official news filtered from Apple, and the brief appearance during an almost deserted presentation organized in pavilion B of Moscone Center by Shawn King (popular commentator of the Mac world in the United States) does not really bode well.

Keep in mind that Woz is in San Francisco and probably also met Jobs. What can arise from a hypothetical meeting of the two in a few can say it now. Wozniak deals with software for Gps and wireless systems but remains one of the most influential characters in the current computer scene. His site can be visited here

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