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The start of the Tour de France: here is the official application

The Tour de France kicks off: here is the official application – Macitynet.it

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With the start of the annual Tour de France, scheduled for today, the official application of the event could not be missing on the App Store, dedicated to all cycling and sports enthusiasts in general. Predictably, the software allows you to follow the progress of the competition minute by minute, with real-time updates and information on cyclists and on the various stages of the tour. Official Tour de France available in two versions: the first, completely free, allows you to discover the results and the daily rankings for each stage, receive messages via Twitter and photographs of the highlights; there is also a section dedicated to the profiles of runners and routes, but if you want to better follow the event, you can purchase the complete application on the App Store or within the Lite version.

Integral features include the display of the best videos for each stage, GPS tracking that shows the position and distance of each runner live, and minute-by-minute updates of the race. In addition, you can activate push notifications to receive important updates or news on your favorite runners at any time, while at 15 kilometers from the end you can even view the live streaming video. The full version of Official Tour de France can be purchased on the App Store for € 7.99.

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