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The smartphone wins on the computer: how the services went to …

If until a few years ago the world of computers seemed the latest technological innovation, today the old PC has now been supplanted by the smartphone and by the possibility that this gives us access to all the information and services we want at any time, starting from the fundamental ones up to entertainment.

Basic services at your smartphone

If in the United States it is now even possible to pay taxes through apps, Italy still relies on the old methods for the most important bureaucratic issues, but slowly the most basic services are also finding their space on smartphones. If once in the morning we turned on the TV to watch the weather or find out what had happened in the world on teletext, we then went on to do it on the internet from a computer. The next step was the apps, which allow you to be informed and keep the most important issues under control at any time, thus becoming fundamental and very useful for organizing our days.

By allowing us to avoid long queues in the bank, we can manage our account via the app and we have abandoned newspapers for online newspapers and now all the main newspapers are also available on smartphones, but the applications are now also useful for booking a visit. If sites on which it is possible to find doctors for our eventualities and to book them seem already at the forefront, now apps like have been created that allow you to find doctors at any time. Other apps are useful in case of emergency: the ArpaAppsi updates in real time regarding earthquakes, floods and snowfall, warning users of possible risks and advising them to stay at home when needed.

person holding using iPhone X

Entertainment app

If the internet is now the new frontier of entertainment, offering games, music and films in an almost unlimited way, the last step of innovation is to make this entertainment within your smartphone. So many sites have converted to the world of apps while other entertainment services have already been created compatible for smartphones. This is the case of Quiz Duello, an app of daily quizzes in which the winners can share the prize pool after having correctly answered questions. Since the quiz every day at a predetermined time, the possibility of playing from a smartphone makes everything easier for all those who do not always have a little available.

The same goes for games, such as the virtual slot machines available online on the Netbet casino both from PC and from apps. Even the main TV channels have understood that viewers have moved to the internet and that they now prefer to watch on-demand programs wherever and whenever they want. Here, therefore, the online collections of Rai programs on RaiPlay were downloaded for download on PC, tablet and smartphone, while for fans of the channels managed by the TVDiscovery giant such as Real Time, Nove or Dmax, the Dplay Plus app is available.

silver Android smartphone

With rare exceptions, today you can spend the day without even having to turn on a computer, because everything we need in our pocket, thanks to the apps developed by companies that have now understood that the future tied to smartphones and that users want entertainment that services available anywhere and anytime.

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