“The Sims 4”: in the players, the disappointment predominates

Frustration messages have proliferated on the Net since fans of the “Sims” were able to get their hands on the latest game of the famous franchise.

The fourth episode of the “Sims” was released Thursday, September 4, and, twenty-four hours after the official opening of servers, fans of the series are many to regret the lack of content of this album.

“A step forward, ten years back” , “we only found 15% of what we could do in The Sims 3 , the rest was thrown in the trash” , “for me the series stops there, I hope that Will Wright [the historical creator of the “Sims”, who left the studio of development of the series in 2009] is ashamed of what becomes his games  “ …

The messages of frustration are multiplying on the Net since the amateurs of the “Sims” were able to get their hands, more or less legally for some, on the last game of the famous franchise.

Whatever the country, the feeling seems unanimously shared. This is at least what the figures indicate: at mid-day, The Sims 4 emargaient to 9/20 average user on the French site Jeuxvideo.com , to 174 negative opinions on the 277 expressed on the aggregator critics Metacritic , and an average of 2.3 out of 5 stars on the site of e-commerce American Amazon …

Additional paid content 

Among the main criticisms of the game, the very small size of the card, and the massive disappearance of options and functions present in the previous version. As the pin an internet user of Jeuxvideo.com annoyed by listing the many disappearances , the game is sorely lacking in content:

“No fireman, no dishwasher, no cars or bike, no pool, no land modifications, no basements, no laptop, (…) no fishing, no toddlers … »

The criticism may seem anecdotal. But, more deeply, what the players blame the publisher of the game, Electronic Arts , is to have pushed them to buy multiple and expensive extensions of the game The Sims 3 , to return to basic content rather hungry in his suite.

“You fooled me, EA, again. Well done, “ quips a buyer on Amazon . “You make us pay 60 euros for that? I think you owe me more, “ rebels another. “Frankly, the recipe of removing content for us to pay download or in an extension, it does not happen ,  summarizes a player on Gamekult .

Previous “SimCity”, in 2013

Yet, everything is not black in the first returns of players. Some note that “creating Sims is fantastic, it’s never been easier to create beautiful Sims without custom content ,  while others note that “the emotion system is interesting,” referring to the main and so to speak only novelty of this episode.

Unfortunately for Electronic Arts, the American publisher has accustomed fans of its public simulations in recent years to disappointments. The fifth and last SimCity had already received strong criticism during its calamitous release in 2013, with no less than 1,728 negative reviews out of a total of 2,095 reviews on Metacritic.

Faced with consumer complaints, the game’s development studio, Maxis, had to apologize , and an Electronic Arts game was offered to buyers in compensation for the serious operating problems encountered.. “EA did not learn anything from the critical failure of  comment télécharger les sims 4 gratuitement sur pc  ? “ Asks one user on Jeuxvideo.com. The comparison is however to relativize: SimCity 5 had not suffered as much from a lack of content as very important server problems, which had prevented most buyers from playing at the time of launch.


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