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The second episode of 1112 is finally on the AppStore

The second episode of 1112 finally on the AppStore – Macitynet.it

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Despite the conflicting opinions that followed the release of the first episode of 1112, the guys of the French team Agharta Studios have just published the sequel of their graphic adventure for iPhone and iPod Touch. 1112 Episode 2 takes up the events left hanging at the end of the previous chapter, proposing their strengths and trying as much as possible to smooth out their defects. Once again, what stands out immediately is the remarkable quality of the designs, while the developers have tried to come up with more original puzzles and more refined dialogues.

One of the major criticisms of the first chapter was in fact a bad translation in English, full of errors and twisted sentences. Fortunately, they were corrected through an update released a few days later, and the development team was careful not to make the same mistakes again.

Although it is preferable to play the series in episodic order, 1112 Episode 2 opens with a careful summary of all the events that occurred in the first chapter. For all lovers of point and click adventures, of noir stories full of mysteries, on the App Store you can download the lite version of 1112 Episode 1 for free.

The new chapter 1112 Episode 2 can be purchased on the App Store for 3.99 euros.

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