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The SDK prohibits books on iPhone programming

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The SDK prohibits books on iPhone programming logomacitynet1200wide 1

The story told in detail directly by the publisher The Pragmatic Programmers on the news page of its website. "The book on iPhone programming was ready for months in beta but we were unable to publish it due to the constraints contained in the iPhone SDK . The latter apply to any publisher that deals with the development of iPhone programs, regardless of whether the reader is part of the developer community. "

The publisher also explains that secrecy constraints are common in this sector but that traditionally they are removed as soon as the product is officially made available. The Pragmatic Programmers waited for the removal of the NDA clauses, Non-Disclosure Agreement, at the release of firmware 2.0 and then also with the announcements of September, but this was not the case. In addition, the publisher declares that Cupertino does not intend to remove the NDA secrecy clauses in the short term. The bitter conclusion for the publisher, but even more for the community of programmers and enthusiasts who want to learn programming for iPhone, that the book on iPhone development has been canceled.

The Pragmatic Programmers is not the only publisher to clash with Apple's absolute secrecy policies. To realize this, a quick look at the texts available on the subject via Amazon is sufficient. All the books that go into the details of programming for iPhone have only been available as pre-orders for some time: none actually published and available for purchase. Among the first to report the situation we mention Silicon Alley Insider.

Finally, remember that the discouragement of the publishers for the Apple clauses adds to that of the developers who, even if they refuse to enter an application on the App Store, cannot republish or even report any details of the emails and communications that occurred with Cupertino: for this topic, refer to another Macity article.

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