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The reservations of the new iPhone make Apple shares fly

The reservations of the new iPhone make Apple shares fly – Macitynet.it

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New historical record for Apple shares. The maximum, at $ 272.90, was touched during the day today on the basis of persistent rumors about very high peaks of reservations for the new iPhone 4.

To launch the chase were, in particular, the rumors rebounded by some sites according to which numerous American stores had reservations almost double compared to those estimated roughly by analysts. In particular Boy Genius Report says that a source very close to the Apple estimates 2200 reservations at a "big" New York store. Small shops would still have touched the 900 iPhones booked. To support the optimism of the investors there is above all the officialism dictated by Apple: in the first day of opening of the reservations, that of Tuesday, customers requested 600 thousand iPhones.

The record reached today by Apple is all the more remarkable because the market rather far from the peaks reached in April and decidedly recovering from the blow following the Greek crisis and the weakness of the Euro. AAPL one of the few stocks that managed to keep up with the events and albeit paying significantly in the hottest moments of the crisis (when it dropped to 231.35 on May 21) as soon as the tension on the financial markets eased a bit and immediately returned. targeted by those looking for good deals and stocks of fast growing companies.

Apple ended the day very close to the maximum: 271.82 (+ 1.71% compared to yesterday). The previous record had reached 272.46 cents on April 26th.

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