periscope super hearts

The Periscope Super Hearts are coming: to make the one who transmits earn money

Periscope aims to reward its best users with the Periscope Super Hearts, the super hearts that are worth money and can be assigned by users.

Periscope aims to remunerate its best users with Periscope Super Hearts, the super hearts that are worth money. Periscope is in fact launching a new update to the live broadcast application that supports the work of those who produce content. The new feature is the ‘Super Hearts’, which viewers can buy and then decide to send to those in live during the streaming. Transmitters will be able to go to the cashier every month and collect the collected Super Hearts, turning them into real money and thus generating a new flow of revenue. Using Super Hearts, Periscope is mixing what substantially subsidizes some creators voluntarily through an element of the app existing: the hearts. During a live broadcast, by touching the screen, you can send hearts to show your appreciation of what they are transmitting if what you look at is very popular you can send a super heart, like a digital coin .The new Super Hearts feature will be a separate mode and viewers will be able to use it during a broadcast. Each Super Heart corresponds to a different value. A new leaderboard will also show to those who transmit, to broadcasters, how much each viewer has decided to send during a live stream.

periscope super hearts

How to use Periscope Super hearts

Here is the procedure to activate Periscope Super Hearts: Choose a live broadcast in which the sender accepts the Super Hearts. Tap the Super Hearts icon next to the chat field. If no coins were purchased, tap on Get Coins. Once you have purchased a pack of coins, tap Hearts again to choose the type of Super Hearts you want to assign. Keep in mind that the value of the coin (shown next to the profile photo) must match or exceed the value of the coin of the chosen Super Heart. Tap on Fine (iOS) or down (Android) to return to the broadcast. Touch the screen to donate more Super Hearts.

The new Super Hearts program currently available in the US only, but Periscope says it will gradually expand around the world. Super Hearts are available on both iOS and Android