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The people of the iPad

ipad demo fifth avenueInside the Apple Store, many people watch iPad demos

After the frenzy of the launch now for iPad, the moment of the fire test, the one in which must convince those who do not belong to the category of those who sling on everything that has an apple printed on it, non-technophiles, those who look at the news, all novelty, with a mixture of suspicion and skepticism. In other words, "normal" people. How many of these sample of people that iPhone has captured in an excellent way by transforming them into enthusiasts, iPad will be able to involve everything to see, but a small test was already possible to put it in place today in one of the many American Apple Stores where the device available for the purchase. If the measurement of the number of those who do not go to the shop to appear, but to browse and see up close how the iPad works, a good yardstick to evaluate the interest in the product, it would be said that we are there: the tablet positioned for success.

Our empirical test took place this morning in New York, at the Fifth Avenue store that we visited at 8:30 am local time. In addition to the line of people waiting for the purchase, certainly not the hundreds of the first day but still a good number that forces us to wait in the queue for a not indifferent time before being served, what surprised us was the amount of people who they roamed around the counters of the store where numerous iPads were displayed. Apple has transformed some of the display areas dedicated to laptops into workstations with dozens of tablets, placing them close to the very professional sales staff who try to satisfy all the curiosities of possible customers.

It was one of the most varied human samples of all breeds that rushed into the shop from the early hours of the morning hoping not to have too much to elbow to try iPad in person. Middle-aged boys and women, old and young, managers who are heading to one of the financial offices that survived the great crisis, students, people in uniforms who probably work as porters or valuables, even some cleaners. Stretching his ear, English dominates, but Asian, South American, European languages ​​from various nations and even some not too haggard Italian are perceived. They touch iPad with one finger, hold it with two hands to weigh it and try to change the orientation, play and use apps; many have an expression between amazed and satisfied. It makes a certain impression to see that iPad equally affects men and women, mature people and kids. This does not mean that everyone will rush to buy it but try iPad more than a first step, also according to our personal experience that has told us that it is rather easy to convince ourselves that iPad is a product that can change the digital life of each of us.

In the store you can also see how much Apple has focused on iPad by launching ad hoc accessories very well targeted with its brand and giving space to several partners who are starting, for now timidly before the great invasion, which will surely arrive shortly, to launch accessories. There are cases in particular, one of the best selling products ever, but also replacement power supplies, the Apple dock base, the Apple case. The keyboard that will arrive, they tell us, in May is missing. A month that, after the launch scheduled for the end of April, in Europe could be the one in which not only roses bloom but also iPad sales receipts.

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