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The Olympics in QT streaming?

The NBC is one of the major US television networks (the others, historical, are the ABC and the CBS to which Fox can be added) and it is also the television of the Olympics (for all Americans) that in a month will have start in Australia.

NBC and Quokka take care of the NBCOlympics site and together with Axient Communications they will need streaming video of the games. It seems that the thing does not break the iron (and expensive) television concessions of the event organized by the International Olympic Committee (which warned some time ago who wanted to try the business).

The NBC is not visible in Europe (as well as the other US channels, basically due to problems with television rights), except for some parts that are repeated by CNBC, and it seems that the QT option will also be denied, but it is not said that "made the law, found the deception".

The Axient OctaneSM network (which will make the Akamai of the situation, so to speak) has undertaken to verify that the streaming request is first checked and, if coming from an American ISP, in this case it can be satisfied (20 minutes per day).

Will we be able to enjoy this option from Italy? Will we not succeed?

The curiosity is however to verify that not even the NBC (owner of which is the mammoth General Electric), a very interested friend of Microsoft (together they have a cable television that provides all the news to the network itself and that is called MSNBC ), can be trusted and entrusted to Microsoft home streaming (Windows Media Player), in fact they chose Apple's QuickTime. Of course … they are a bit ashamed of it and in the whole official statement there is not the slightest hint of the technology used.

Defeat for Microsoft but also for the most important competitor of video streaming: Real Networks. Great exposure for Apple QuickTime.