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The NY Post: Tevanian will leave Apple

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The NY Post: Tevanian will leave Apple logomacitynet1200wide 1

Is Tevanian going to leave Apple? The news for now only a little more than an indiscretion, also launched by the New York Post, a newspaper certainly not known for its reliability in the world of information, but has already made a lot of noise. of the tabloid Tevanian would have decided to leave the company for reasons that the newspaper does not explain precisely by launching in allegations on Apple's inability to release faster machines than Intel and in assumptions about an offer that would have come to him from Sony. in reality, given the competence of Tevanian in the foundations of the operating systems (in fact the Mach kernel on which MacOs X is based was written by him) it would be more likely to be destined for some company interested in this sector. We remember that if the news were confirmed it would be a real shock to Cupertino's assets. Not only, as mentioned, the MacOs X kernel is due to Tevanian and therefore the team that is working on the OS would find themselves without a very important reference point, but the entire Cupertino software sector would lose a person of unique competence in the the IT panorama of the world.Tevanian is seen as something inseparable from Jobs who recruited him as soon as he left university and brought him to NeXT. Here he was the "father" of the operating system of the defunct company founded by Jobs when he left Cupertino and followed the current CEO when he returned to the Apple company. It remains to be seen whether the NY Post, a newspaper that several sectors of the American society and New Yorkers do not hesitate to define "a garbage can" has fished the right voice or has simply limited itself, as happened in other cases, to pick up some unfounded rumors, and without worrying too much about its veracity, has launched it as news.

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