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The next version of Android TV could be called Google TV (and will have a new design)

According to what has emerged in recent days on the web, it seems that Google is working on a new version of Android TV, which may also be called by a different name.

android tv google tv

The next version of Android TV may present some significant improvements to the user interface, with slightly lower hardware features but with more focus on movies and programs than apps. This content-centric approach aims to ensure that the system can stand up to competition from Amazon Fire Stick and Roku. One of the sources also suggested that the incoming device may be listed under the Nest brand, also owned by Google.

But the real "gem", as previously anticipated, the one reported by an authoritative portal such as 9to5Google. The site reports that Google is thinking of giving up the Android brand and going directly to the name Google TV. A far from unlikely hypothesis, if we think that other services have been affected by this change of name: Android Pay for example, which has now become Google Pay, but also Android Wear (now Wear OS) and Android Messages, now simply Messages.

In addition, BigG's goal is to lighten the system for make it usable in a simpler way even on devices equipped with less “performing” hardware.

Users wonder when the next version of Android TV will be announced, or rather, Google TV. Certainly the best occasion would have been Google I / O 2020, unfortunately canceled due to the spread of COVID-19 which imposed the adoption of very rigid measures.

Google will host an online event on June 3 to announce the first beta of Android 11, and who knows that may not be the right time to announce the new version of the operating system.

Source XDA