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The new Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is what you need to liven up a party

L’altoparlante Hyperboom di Ultimate Ears รจ quello che vi serve per animare una festa

Here is Hyperboom from Ultimate Ears, a powerful high-end bluetooth speaker, which in the manufacturer's intentions is the only device you will need if you are thinking of organizing a party. Here are images and technical characteristics.

As anticipated, Hyperboom a high-end speaker, which costs $ 399, therefore far from the $ 170 of the previous Megaboom 3. The price, however, seems to be justified by the technical specifications. Its large frame houses, in fact, two 1-inch tweeters, double 4.5-inch woofers and two other large 3.5-inch passive radiators, which can produce sound up to 100 decibels.

With a frequency range of 45Hz to 20KHz, it can also provide particularly deep bass notes. Logitech says that, however, you will get up to 24 hours of battery life, even if the autonomy can reach only 3 hours if you exaggerate with the volume.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom speaker what you need to liven up a party

As for design, Hyperboom completely changes the features compared to previous speakers with circular design. In this case, however, the peripheral is basically a plastic rectangle covered with fabric. The company believes that this has allowed a more efficient use of space, even if this will not allow to offer 360 degree sound, but "only" of 270 degrees.The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom speaker what you need to liven up a party

On the subject of controls, the device has two large buttons for volume and a capacitive touch, together with a circular four-way pad to change inputs, with a button for playback. It has IPX4 certification, therefore resistant to water, even if not waterproof. Hyperboom connects to the Ultimate Ear Boom app for further customization, as well as being able to combine it with other Boom speakers and the previous Megaboom with the "Party Up" function, to spread the sound even more. There is also the possibility of connecting a smartphone.The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom speaker what you need to liven up a party

Ultimate Ears has thus created an intelligent solution to enrich the sound during a party, when changing sources. Hyperboom can, in fact, connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and, above all, it can also pair with a new device while continuing to play music from another source. On the other hand, it is able to gently fade out the incoming and outgoing audio while switching from one source to another.

It is possible to connect the speaker with any 3.5 mm auxiliary jack to obtain a pure digital connection to the TV or to a game console with an optical input.

Hyperboom costs $ 399 and will be available in early March.

For all the news related to Ultimate Ears, please refer to this address. On this Amazon page, however, all the brand's products for sale in our country.