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The new PowerBooks and the new iApplications in Italy.

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Not before the end of March. Reasonably these are the terms for having the new PowerBook G4 with 17-inch displays at hand, we deduced it from the press conference that Apple Italy held this morning in Milan; the arrival of the PowerBook G4 with 12-inch display is closer: less than a month.

Enzo Biagini (regional manager southern Europe Apple and country manager of Apple Italy and Spain), Lorenzo Sangalli (product manager) and the Danish Erik Stannow (product marketing director of Apple EMEA) were present. After a brief introduction on the company's recent tax data (which invests 8% of its resources in research and development, against 2/3% of the competition), of which the topics are found in our previous articles, the word (in English) passed to Stannow which held the his "Italian" presentation with the new Keynote software.

We start with the software and the non-string quartet but iApps the first solution to steal the show: iLife, available from the end of January (and we are confirmed that it should be present in the "packaged" version on January 25 as promised at the level worldwide by Jobs), incorporates iTunes 3, iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 and iDVD 3; as known, the first three renewed iApps will also be downloadable from Apple sites, the third will not only work only and exclusively with the SuperDrive internal to the Mac but will be obtainable, for previous Mac customers with SuperDrive, only by purchasing iLife at 58.80 euro including VAT and not via download (also because the application "weighs" as much as 1.5 GB). According to the software, the Safari browser was presented which, although still in beta, immediately met with great success: in twelve days over a million downloads … a few other words on the subject, a more practical demonstration much more effective and some sites are navigated directly with the Explorer killer (the definition "flour of our sack", editor's note). The time only for Erik Stannow to add that, thanks to its open source nature, after a few days of its appearance, the German browser localization already existed … perhaps ignoring that the same happened for the language of the host this morning. Keynote, the same used for the slides you see photographed in this article: fabulous and easily manageable presentations (apart from a few small problems certainly in the process of being solved), will arrive in our country in late February and will cost 166.80 euros including VAT. then the latest news: FinalCut Express, an excellent compromise between the too simplified iMovie and the too "for professionals" FinalCut Pro. The price of 394.80 euros including VAT is defined as aggressive and can be purchased in late January (presumably January 25 as iLife).

Before the hardware, a brief introduction on the reasons why Apple is pressing on the accelerator of portable products, according to the Cupertino company, these are the fundamental factors: "desktop replacement" (desire to replace the traditional computer with a less bulky one), "Travel" (greater needs during travel), "wireless" (spread of Wi-Fi even at the level of public hot spots), "home work" (people who increasingly work at home as well as outside), "multiple computers "(Variation of needs thanks to more computers available)," hi-speed access "(revolution of recent times …" 3G, not the G3 processor, something else and for now not essential ")," multiple devices "(want of integration with the best products in their field: PDAs, MP3 players, mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, etc.) and "design" (laptops have the best design that goes well with modern homes).

AirPort Extreme the new version of wireless with the IEEE 802.11g format after IEEE 802.11b that Apple first (like this time with the "g" version) introduces massively and courageously into its products, starting a trend that already seems unstoppable. 54 Mbps (five times the previous system), bridging to widen the range, sharing USB printers and of course backwards compatibility with the widespread IEEE 802.11b. Keep in mind that thanks to the new materials of the newly introduced laptops the use of AirPort becomes excellent as on the iBooks, the "first of the class" thanks to the plastic structure that makes the radio waves manageable at best (unlike the titanium that equips the 15-inch PowerBook G4, ed). And finally here is the PowerBook for the first time 12 and 17 inches here in Italy.

"The smallest notebook in history" the pompous slogan used for the 12-inch PowerBook but, let's face it: all true, not for nothing we wanted to discuss its shapes and sizes in a separate article, which you can read here. Weight (2 , 1 Kg or 2.32 Kg including the compact power supply) and dimensions (27.7 x 21.9 x 3 cm) show how, even in comparison with a Sony Vaio (such model R600 HKMD), that this model wins by compactness, power (G4 @ 876 MHz and 256 MB DDR PC2100 base expandable up to 640 MB), graphics (with the powerful nVidia GeForce 4 420 Go GPU processor with 32 MB of dedicated memory capable of expressing 750 million pixels per second, over 40 more than the competition) and possibly, given that optional, DVD authoring capability thanks to the SuperDrive slot loading.Bluetooth integrated and AirPort Extreme optional, the analog audio input returns (if compared with the iBook) by popular acclaim (also present in the 17 ″ model) and the battery it runs tte the operation of five hours really the maximum.Prices: 2,278.80 euros including VAT for the model with drive combo and 2,533.14 euros including VAT for the one with SuperDrive, for PowerBook G4 with 12-inch display, you should not wait more than four weeks to be able to use it in Italy.

"The laptop with the largest screen in history" the definition tacked instead to the top model of laptops, not only from Apple: PowerBook G4 with 17-inch display. Many new features of this product, as those who read us during the Macworld Expo of San Francisco could have noticed in an extended way: first of all the very large screen (even if compared with the brightness of the 12-inch model, it still seems a little lower, from this point of view) precisely 17 ″ with panoramic format, ratio Despite the very generous size (which is so difficult to think of as particularly comfortable to carry around … unless you are physically dimensioned as the NBA basketball player, the Chinese Yao Ming, protagonist of the very effective TV advertising " American "that we will never see on our television screens … confirmed, unfortunately, by Apple), we are assured that there are no problems of delicacy, indeed Stannow invites us to freely twist the only 17 ″ inch PowerBook G4 present in Europe to today, the one that was present at the conference (still pre-production), a certain fear makes us postpone to believe without hesitation the words of the Danish manager of Apple Thickness of only 2.6 cm and weight of 3.1 kg and aluminum case that does not paint or strip are other external aspects. To go in depth: G4 @ 1 GHz processor (51% faster than a Pentium 4 @ 2.2 GHz in some Photoshop tasks), 512 MB of 333 MHz DDR PC2700 RAM and nVidia GeForce 4 440 Go GPU with 64 MB dedicated are the "engine", FireWire 800 the absolute novelty (but the FireWire 400 is always present along with all the other ports, including two USB, one on each side), AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth as standard, backlit keyboard with an automatic system that represents another world first. 4198.80 Euro including VAT which represent a very competitive price compared to the top of the range of Wintel laptops. As we already mentioned with another article, after a small initial confusion created by the inconsistency of the data present on Apple sites (now probably in via correction), we are confirmed what type of SuperDrive CD / DVD burner contained in the new laptops: a 1x and not a 2x DVD-R, exactly like that of Panasonic that debuted in the autumn on the 15-inch PowerBook. tells us that the MPEG-2 encoding on this laptop (of a 125 ″ movie in DV format) is still 102% faster than the competition (such as Sony Vaio GRX 690 with Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz). find a SuperDrive 2x will have to rethink the purchase? We believe that the values ​​contained in this top model are so high as to postpone this detail that only time will make it ridiculous, certainly within a certain number of months, still undefined.