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The new laptops next Tuesday?

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The new laptops next Tuesday? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple would introduce the new Titanium and iBooks next Tuesday. The hypothesis is put forward today by MacUser, a magazine that usually, when it comes to rumors, seems to draw on good sources.The newspaper claims that the new Titanium will have a maximum speed of 667 MHz and will present a CD-RW instead of the current DVD. The iBook, on the other hand, should have a 600 MHz processor. MacUser has doubts about the possibility that a Titanium could be introduced with the DVD and CD-RW combo, as in the case of the iBook, due to the lack of drive slot loading of this If the hypothesis of launching the new laptop models next Tuesday were to verify Apple would have carefully chosen the launch date. We remind you that on Wednesday 17, at 23 Italian time, the fiscal results of the quarter will be disclosed. Since it is probable that Apple, among the few companies in the IT world to make it, respect the forecasts of the past quarter, it could be a "double blow" that will push Cupertino's shares decidedly upwards.

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