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The new Food and Drink section arrives on the App Store

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The new Food and Drink section arrives on the App Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has introduced the new Food and Drink category to the App Store. In the new section you can find all the apps dedicated to the world of cooking, recipes and cooking but also on the preparation of drinks and drinks, wines and cocktails, finally also apps that allow you to find bars and restaurants or in some way dedicated to these activities. The apps for diets, those for shopping for food products and so on are not included in this section.

On the Italian App Store, the new Food and Drink category is already very populated: the iPhone and universal apps are 2,769 while the iPad apps (always added to the universal ones) are 1,109. The large numbers of apps already present in the new section justify Apple's choice for the creation of the Food and Drink section. In the USA the new section already contains over 2,800 paid apps and over 4,000 free for iPhone, while for iPad the free apps are around 1,000 while the paid ones are 1,121.

Among the free apps first in the ranking of the new Food and drink category we remember: Recipes, iCocktailPro, Italian Recipes, Philadelphia recipes, and the Barilla iPasta app. For the complete list of free apps you can follow this link. Among the first paid rankings we mention: CocktailPlus at 79 cents, Drinking Time Machine at 79 cents which allows you to see the effects of alcohol on the face over time, The Men of Benedetta by Benedetta Parodi at 2.99 euros and many still others. For the complete list of paid apps you can follow this link.

Recall that in recent weeks Apple has introduced the free app of the week and renamed the section "Editor's choices". In addition to constantly monitoring the App Store to verify the quality and suitability of the app before publication, Apple is constantly committed to improving its store to make it increasingly accessible, easy to use and above all to allow users to navigate and locate quickly the desired apps within a constantly growing and expanding catalog. <img class = "contImage_center" style = "vertical-align: middle;” title=”food and drink app store 600″ alt=”food and drink app store 600 "width =" 600 "height =" 411 "src ="”/>

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