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The most viewed videos on TikTok in 2019

Even TikTok turns to ecommerce

Two tricolor trends have also emerged abroad: # carrots and # without filter

FRANCE-CHINA-INTERNET-Tiktok-APP(Photo: AFP / Getty Images)

2019 was the year of the world consecration for TikTok, among the most downloaded apps on Android and iPhone thanks to its formula in perfect Generation Z style with an explosion of short, funny movies and a very simple interface. Italy too has been infected with TikTok fever and it is possible to draw conclusions by discovering i most viewed videos and the trends that have characterized the past twelve months

The podium occupied all by three comic movies with the gold medal that goes to the human parking sensor, the silver medal to the virtual girlfriend and the bronze medal to the comic interpretation of the #iosonogiorgia trend that has become very popular in the Bel Paese.

The fourth position occupied by a creative video showing the Glam project or the jacket with the air intake. Two culinary videos in fifth and sixth position with the perfect match between past and present with grandma's gnocchi and the unmissable interpretation of the trend born in Italy and become world-wide or # carrots by the chef Bruno Barbieri.

Worldwide #carote (and #solocarote) has obtained over 2.5 million total video views. But even better, another trend was born from us and then appreciated everywhere as # without filter based on Loomy's summer hit with as many as 1.7 million movies uploaded worldwide. For the record, the number one trend in Italy as well as abroad was #nowlookatme with a challenge to appear ugly first and then with a surprising change of look, on the notes of Absolutely Anything of Cg5 counting 746 million views.

He could Chiara Ferragni not enter the top ten with your newborn channel on TikTok? No, in fact, here she is in seventh place with the preparation for the red carpet. The top ten closes with two videos on animals – a four-legged intercom and a classic of the web with cuddly cats – and an environmentalist with "Let's clean the planet" which follows two very popular trends such as #forclimate at an international level and #salvailpianeta within our borders.

Finally, among the Italian celebrities who have achieved the most success, the podium formed by Fiorello, first, and by the couple formed by mom Michelle Hunziker and daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, second and third. The foreign celebrities that the Italians follow most are Will Smith, Miley Cyrus and The Rock, while Jessica Brugali stood out among our creators in front of Rosalba and Gabriele Vagnato.


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