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The most talented cloud experts now all work for Apple

For months Apple has been taking particular steps in the cloud sector and has hired what are considered the best talents in the sector to work on dedicated technologies, in particular open source technology kubernetes (an open-source container orchestration and management system).

The quantity and quality of the new hires would have caused a hustle and bustle in the restricted and consolidated cloud community, an element which shows that Apple perhaps intends to be serious by investing in the construction of highly technological infrastructures, like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

The site reported it Protocol, indicating some important names that now work for Apple: Michael Crosby, for example, former Docker engineer (open-source technology that automates the deployment of applications within software containers), indicated as the man who made containerization technology possible (lightweight modular virtual machines that can be created, distributed , copy and move from one environment to another); then there is Arun Gupta, which came to Apple from AWS (the "Amazon-owned company that provides cloud computing services on the eponymous platform on demand.), known for" Fargate ", a serverless calculation engine for containers. Another important name Francesc Campoy, a former Google employee who is working on Kubernetes for Apple.

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Not knowing what is behind all of Apple's interest in the cloud, but numerous job announcements show that the company is creating internal development tools and software, leaving to imagine various upcoming projects.

Apple in 2018 announced a $ 10 billion investment in U.S. data centers; in 2019, however, the inclusion in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) was announced, considered the "gotha" of the Cloud.