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The most followed IT companies on Twitter in Italy, Top 15

The 15 most popular IT companies on Twitter in Italy, a ranking that tells a lot about the industry and that makes us understand how we still have to do

Here are the 15 IT companies (information technology) most followed on twitter, they are the ones that have the most followers and that have managed to attract the largest number of people talking about technology, showing their solutions and involving enthusiasts and professionals.

Most followed IT companies on Twitter, numbers to improve

The numbers are not exceptional, in general, if we consider the fact that the technology is central to the lives of people and companies. You can think that Ikea Italia, the brand with the most followers in Italy, has 600,000 but probably more people who use a computer with respect to those who own an Ikea mobile. It means that the attractiveness of IT brands on social networks is lower than their actual diffusion in the social and economic fabric. In short, we need to work on content, on how to involve users and on the ability to create a true community.

Consumer or business

It was easy to expect a ranking dominated by consumer IT companies, or with a wide consumer offer, in reality not really so. Companies strongly oriented to the business sector and even to the large business segment occupy important positions in the ranking. Not a question of "product" but of activity and ability to dialogue on social media with one's audience.

The ranking

In first place stands Microsoft, perhaps the most transversal of IT brands with its operating system present on the absolute majority of PCs, with its professional solutions but also consumer. Second place is Cisco, totally oriented to the business sector, to businesses and in third place HP followed a short distance from Asus. To follow the others that you can see in this ranking that collects the first 15.

The IT sector is very large so the ranking is likely to be incomplete, if you notice the absence of some brands tell us!

more followed on Twitter