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The Macs of the impossible

The Mac of the impossible

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Did you think you were on the front page, of a Mac site, of course, revitalized by changing the motherboard of an old LC? Did you think you deserved a mention because you painted your iMac with an unusual color? Visit Applefritter and think again. To be judged on the real maniacs of personalization it takes much more. Like, for example, having replaced the case of an SE with Lego bricks or having placed a 7100 inside an old radio galena. The site really deserves a visit for its effort to propose how little in the Mac world there is little known, unusual and exceptional, a promise that, as understood by the few hints made up to here, really maintains. The part of the changes is perhaps the most amazing. A whole section dedicated to Macs made of MegaBlock bricks (a sort of Lego clones). You can see a 6100 "verticalized" but fully functional and a Mac SE complete with keyboard and mouse always in colored bricks. Some users who thought it really different even managed to put a QuickCam inside the Megablocks. See also the hack section. In addition to the aforementioned 7100 inside a case of an old radio, a modified 6100 is on display so as to look similar to an old radio transmission system of the 50s, a PowerMac 6500 placed a case of a NeXT Cube an LC 475 whose plastic body was replaced with one in polished wood. Obviously there is no shortage of PowerBooks modified according to the most bizarre tastes and a 21-inch “iMacone” also appears, essentially a Nokia monitor and a motherboard of an iMac merged into one. Obviously those who implemented the hack also took care of making the two small front speakers and the slot in the CD. Enthusiasts will certainly not fail to visit the section dedicated to prototypes, that is all those machines designed but never released. The "showpiece" is a copy of Piltdown Man the forerunner of all Macs with PPC or the incredible page with all clones not authorized by Apple. Stand out CPUs built using parts from Apple but also the semi-unknown but no less amazing Unitron Mac512, a machine built in Brazil (where until 1992 it was not possible to buy Mac) that was able to use exactly the Apple software without being a Mac . And if at this point you were not satisfied yet you could make a "run" on the software page. Mega and mega of very old shareware taken from the shareware disks of the Boston Computer Society.Insomma, AppleFritter, a site that perhaps few will know, certainly deserves a visit not only by the fans or fanatics of customizations, but also by all those who they want to know more about the platform and its history.

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