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The Lindows laptop enters the arena of confrontation between Mac and Windows

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From the end of the month Lindows Mobile PC, a laptop with respectable technological equipment and a competitive price, will be on sale at two US distributors (first Gearzoo and then iDot, later perhaps also the large Wal-Mart chain).

The hardware core is a VIA @ 933 MHz C3 chip (specialized in TabletPCs) and the software one the well-known Linux-derived Lindows package with the Windows operating system LindowsOS at the center.

The display has a diagonal of 12.1 inches, the supplied RAM of 256 MB, the 20 GB disk, USB 2 and FireWire ports, PC Card slot, Ethernet and built-in Compact Flash reader (the modem and the external drive are optional ), all for 1 and a half kg of weight.

It does not have a particularly attractive design Lindows is compared to other cheap laptops, one of the comparative Apple iBooks (which Lindows defines iNote and the American media uncritically repeat the definitions) which in the US costs 999 dollars.

Lindows' Mobile PC was introduced last week during the Desktop Linux Summit in San Diego, California.

On the Lindows website a large amount of OpenSource GPL software is available immediately: curious to note that many of these titles have been available for some time now also on Mac OS X or are preparing to become so.

At the moment we have not been able to know the speed performance in comparison with other more well-known machines.