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The iTunes Music Store brings in independent (at a discounted price)

For months we talked about the arrival of independent music in the iTunes Music Store.

On the Italian version of Apple's digital music store a new compilation entitled "I-Ndipendente: The New Wave of Independent Italian Music" appeared, published by the German edel exclusively for iTMS.

This disc is a collection of as many as 50 songs by as many authors rather unknown to the masses.

As known on iTunes you can buy every single song (almost always) and the price set for our nation 99 euro cents.

It is also known that for most of the albums on sale on iTMS the set price of 9 euros and 99 cents, even if they contain little more than the 10 songs that determine the basic value, there are often albums of 15 or 16 tracks still at this price (for example Live in Paris 05 by Laura Pausini), in fact double albums of over 20 songs undergo an increase to around 18 euros (for example Vanoni Paoli Live 2005).

It is rare to find caskets (from dozens of songs) to fixed prices from single or double albums, but in this case the exception was noticed.

At only 9.99 euros you will buy as many as 50 songs (an assumed value of less than 20 cents each which, if bought individually, continues to cost 99 cents), certainly unknown or debutants but certainly not a rock star of the hit parade, and frankly it is to be hoped that this is not a mistake but an intelligent and courageous operation to promote this kind of music to a large number of people and regular clients of digital legal music.

Given the "political" price established by edel, it is easy to interpret the design of the "virtual" cover depicting an open guitar case to welcome alms, like the many street musicians. Why not encourage authors and the initiative by stimulating further new musical proposals with tangible results?

After 24 hours from the availability of this album of independent songs, iTunes reports in the sales ranking the achievement of the number 28 position, a truly surprising result that should make many music publishers think.

The compilation also sold on other international markets where iTunes operates.