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The Italian iPod.

At 5.30 pm Apple Italia invites us to the ArtDecoCafe in Milan, a nice place in the center of Milan, a little dark but which thanks to an excellent savory pie made us enjoy a hearty appetizer.Enzo Biagini, called the hungry patrons when it is around 5:45 pm and the iPod makes its Milanese debut: the digital lifestyle the theme, the iPod the (perhaps only the first) missing link. "The iPod integrates perfectly with the iTunes 2 software and with the 'Mac hardware "says the product manager, Lorenzo Sangalli, continuing:" with the simple connection of the FireWire cable, the iPod does the rest in collaboration with iTunes, it auto-syncs with the iTunes 2 playlists. "About iTunes 2, arriving in parallel and free of charge to the iPod (which will contain an iTunes 2 for Mac OS X 10.1 and another for Mac OS 9.2.1 in its hard disk), will have a much-needed equalizer with already 30 preset settings to choose from, with the possibility for everyone to build your own. The simplicity and handling of an iPod that is in one hand and with it you command it very high: the only parts that we find on the iPod, in addition to the central controls that we will talk about later, are a FireWire socket, a stereo mini-jack socket and the "hold" lock button to disable the use of the controls. We said the commands: play / pause / on-off, menu / lighting, forward, backward, wheel (which regulates multiple functions, forward of the song, volume but also a surprise) and select. The surprise that pressing the central button "select" for more than two seconds starts one of the most classic games of the seventies: Breakout. The second use, no less important, that can take iPod FireWire Disk mode, this is always enabled from iTunes 2, a small button is pressed and a single window of settings allows the appearance of the 5 GB disk on the Mac desktop with a simple click on the appropriate item. in this hard dis k you can put any kind of file, even audio files such as MP3, Aiff and Wave but they will not be read by iTunes and even less by iPod, to listen to them they will necessarily have to pass through iTunes 2, vice versa the uploaded audio files from iTunes 2 they are not visible in the iPod hard disk as normal audio files. The presence of some kind of protection against MP3 piracy has not been confirmed with certainty, but waiting to know if this exists or not (it seems that uploading MP3 files to iPod via iTunes 2 in the first Mac, in a second time these files cannot be downloaded and used in another iPod or in a second Mac) Apple's obvious position is confirmed, which supports BSA (which also counts Giovanni Ferrari, Apple Manager for the Technical Market, as new vice-president): piracy is not fought with technologies because sooner or later the trick that breaks them is discovered, rather necessary to instill a correct method of behavior in the because people do not step on copyrights. It is confirmed that, for now, iPod compatible only with Mac and that it will cost 459 Euro plus VAT (we have already said that it is not a really cheap price) in every Apple authorized channel, including, of course, the AppleStore. A side note: “iDVD2 will arrive in November, with a little delay, but no cause for concern perhaps other products (such as iPod) have taken precedence and taken time away from others. Apple wishes to bring out excellent products and better wait a bit than to have incomplete or malfunctioning ones ", these are the words of the president of Apple Italy, Enzo Biagini who, greeting us, hopes to sell many iPods, especially in the imminent Christmas period. time will tell if the forecast will have a foundation. You can enjoy all the photos from this link.